Condo Sales

Your complete set of tools from condo development to sale

MRI Software’s Condo Sales software is designed to help manage the development and sale of condo units. Condo developers have complete visibility into the status of portfolio projects and operations, along with insight into financial performance. Automated contract administration and inventory control improves workflow and saves significant time for staff. Increase revenue by allowing staff to efficiently manage more units. Give your sales team the tools to be successful, such as integrated
 CRM, automated marketing, prospect-to-client conversion analysis, and more.


Real-time reporting

Make decisions based on accurate, timely data from an extensive suite of built-in reporting tools.

Data visualization

Easily get insight into sales activity and inventory control for your properties with interactive data visualization tools.

Contract administration

Efficiently create contracts and notify key stakeholders to expedite closings and manage commissions, broker involvement, credits, deposits, and more.


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