Integrated accounting

Residential Management integrates with MRI General Ledger and Accounts Payable for easy record keeping and clear visibility across your portfolio.

Online marketing

Attract prospects and never miss a lead with real-time listings and a leasing office that never closes.

Resident engagement

Enhance the resident experience with automated communications tools and online self-service portals.

Helping businesses across Canada own the residential real estate lifecycle

Your residential property management software has to be flexible. It covers everything from multi-million dollar investments to the successful engagement of new renters. The tools of the trade are dynamic — that’s why we take an open and connected approach that won’t limit your business. Our comprehensive real estate technology was designed to give your organization the freedom to take control and chase down new opportunities, plus integrate accounting and property management to make life easier for your staff.

MRI offers a comprehensive and flexible set of tools designed to help you transform your residential real estate organization. An open and connected technology approach gives you the freedom to choose how to run your business without compromise. Cutting-edge property management and accounting software covers everything from marketing your properties, to screening and inspections, giving your staff the tools to improve resident engagement and communication, plus strategically manage and analyze your entire portfolio.


  • Provide an intuitive, easy to follow process to transform prospects into renters with online tools to search, pay deposits and sign leases.

  • Maximize occupancy by automating the screening and inspections processes to reduce work for your staff.

  • Access property data and inspections documentation even while offsite with web-based residential property management solutions.

  • Centralize your marketing, accounting and property management across one set of data to achieve greater accuracy and collaboration.

  • Simplify the resident experience with online portals that increase engagement and empower communication.

  • Integrate with product and services providers through MRI’s Partner Connect program to build the best system for your business.

We've experienced significant growth in our multifamily portfolio, and MRI gives us the flexibility to integrate with partners to create the system that sets us up for long-term success.
Tim Quick | CIO - Harbor Group Management Co., LLC

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Today’s renters and tenants have high expectations when it comes to technology, but is the industry meeting their demands?

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