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7 best tasks for property management automation

Why is property management automation so crucial to the efficient running of a real estate organization? It’s because there is so much that goes into the proper management of an investment property, that property managers are going to be stretched th…

What are the benefits of green leases?

The real estate industry is evolving and one of the prominent trends shaping it is the adoption of sustainable practices. Green leases have emerged as a powerful tool in recent years, offering a range of benefits for both landlords and tenants. In th…

What are green leases?

In the pursuit of sustainable practices and the race towards achieving net-zero targets, an instrumental tool has emerged in the real estate landscape: green leases. These contracts go beyond the conventional lease agreement, signifying a joint commi…

How to improve commercial property tenant retention

In the competitive commercial real estate market, commercial tenant retention is more critical than ever. Retaining your commercial tenants means having a consistent and predictable income stream, as well as avoiding the costs of tenant turnover. Apa…

Renter scams – How to prevent tenant fraud

As a property manager, there’s no question that you need systems in place which can help you stop renter scams before they happen. After all, whoever originated the phrase “there’s no such thing as bad publicity,” clearly never saw their property ass…

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