IUC Travel Tips

As IUC is rapidly approaching, you are probably finalizing the details of your trip and getting ready to pack your bags and head to the ever exciting Las Vegas!  Before you make your way to the airport, here are a few pieces of advice to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible:

When packing for your event, keep in mind not only the weather of your destination but also what you will be spending your time doing.  Will you be sitting in air conditioning, or will you be walking around the city traveling from meeting to meeting?  It is always a good idea to pack something in case the weather is not what you expected. For a warm weather trip, pack a sweater or jacket in case the evening is cooler than you expected or the air conditioning is colder than you anticipated. Another thing to remember is sunglasses – when you are driving a rental car in a new city, having your sunglasses with you can relieve at least a little stress!

las_vegas_sign_small-resized-600It is always a good idea to give your credit card company and/or bank a call and let them know you are going to be traveling.  If you are from the east coast and suddenly charges are appearing for Las Vegas, your card could be flagged for suspicious use. Simply giving them a call letting them know when and where you will be can prevent unwanted and unnecessary travel troubles.

Checking your bags? Pack the essentials for one day in a carry on. Unfortunately, late luggage does happen. By packing essential toiletries and an extra outfit to hold you over until your luggage is delivered will ease the stress.

Once you arrive at the airport, take a picture or make a note in your phone of the section you parked in.  When you arrive back home, you will probably be tired and ready to get out of there ASAP.  After a few days of travel, the row you parked in can be easily forgotten.  Making a quick note at the beginning of a trip will help the end of the trip go smoothly.

After you make it through security you can find a quiet place to get some work done by using Airport Havens.  Soon you will be seated on your flight ready for takeoff!

The most important thing: enjoy your trip! Viva Las Vegas!


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