Top 7 facility management software features

A key part of every facility manager’s job is to constantly look for ways to improve your operations and maintenance – wouldn’t you agree?

After all, achieving maximum efficiency in your day-to-day activities would allow you to stay on top of a seemingly never-ending list of jobs, ensuring that things don’t slip through the cracks.

However, identifying the weaknesses across your role to eradicate (or, at the very least, automate) unnecessary tasks isn’t as easy as it sounds.

To start making essential improvements around your workplace, you need the help of facilities management software features.

What is facilities management software?

Facilities management software is a digital platform that aids managers with looking after their space and employees, ensuring that:

  1. Maintenance is conducted.
  2. Assets are tracked.
  3. Equipment is properly cared for.

Its main goal is to ensure that a facility is kept up and running, reducing safety hazards and alerting teams when certain tasks need to be completed.

This can make an astronomical difference to a workplace and, in most cases, facilities management software features has been proven to reduce overall repair costs as well as increase productivity across the board.

The best facilities management software features

A comprehensive system with lots of facility management software features enables you to easily and efficiently:

  • manage assets, maintenance, inventory and vendors
  • automatically generate preventive maintenance schedules
  • manage work orders with little to no effort
  • store all key documents in one centralized location
  • create meaningful organisational reports
  • track labor and material costs

By adopting facility management software that optimizes your facilities and property management practices, you can be more proactive and less reactive.

1. Planned preventive maintenance (PPM)

Do you remember the last time your business experienced downtime because a critical piece of equipment failed?

Too often those failures can be traced back to poor maintenance practices, like when a crucial part replacement didn’t happen when it should have.

A planned preventive maintenance facility management software feature helps keep your equipment up and running by automatically scheduling service tasks and generating the necessary work orders.

Automatic reminders and status updates help ensure that the work actually gets done, so you can avoid costly repairs, halted production and inconveniencing your customers.

2. Reporting

When it’s time to forecast, budget or create any kind of report that depends on gathering and analyzing data…

You really can’t beat the idea of simply letting facilities management software features do the work for you.

Gaining insight into relevant market, operations, spending, technology, maintenance, and property trends is all just a matter of entering a few dates and other key parameters into pre-built report fields.

3. Asset management

Imagine how much time you’d save if you were able to easily find all the information you need about your assets with just a couple of clicks. With facilities management software features, this is possible.

They allow you to tag your assets with unique identifiers so that you can input an asset’s make, model, serial number, manual and other relevant files.

You can then upload an image of the piece of equipment with a link to its location on your property so your team knows what it looks like and where to find it. Simple.

4. Vendor management

Vendors are just one of the moving pieces you have to oversee daily – but they are an important one to pay attention to.

Onboarding an automated solution through a facility management software feature means that critical aspects of your relationships won’t be overlooked.

Without ever having to pick up the phone or send an email, you can easily assign a vendor a work order. With the secure login you’ve provided them, it’ll be most convenient for a service vendor to manage their own activity.

They can even track their time and charges which gives you accurate cost tracking per work order. Imagine how much hassle you’d be spared.

5. Facility document storage

Are your offices overrun with file cabinets, each of which is stuffed with all the documents associated with your maintenance and operations?

Or worse, is it the case that the manuals, floor plans, warranties, work histories and other papers you need aren’t even organized in a file cabinet? They’re just on someone’s desk.

The benefit of being able to transfer and store all these important documents through facility management software features goes beyond saving space or being more organised.

Going digital with these important documents protects them from damage and puts them into a system that is easily accessed anytime, anywhere.

6. Inventory management

Another cost-saving facilities management software feature to consider using is one that manages your part and supply inventories.

As more than just a convenient system for real-time tracking of materials, an inventory management module gives you visibility into details like the total cost of your inventory use and how often you use a specific piece of inventory.

With the insights you gain from this valuable tool, you can make smarter purchasing decisions to be sure you’re always well-stocked for maintenance tasks.

7. Work order management

Thanks to facility management software features, the days of scribbling work orders on a piece of paper and maintaining a binder of maintenance requests are gone.

So is human error.

With digital tools, users can create a work order that is then synced across all computers, smartphones and tablets. There’s even real-time tracking available- leaving no question about the status of the work orders.

This kind of efficiency is a must-have.

Facilities management software features – FAQs

No matter which task you’ve been struggling with on a day-to-day basis, the likelihood is that facility management software features will be able to help you.

Either they can automate a process so that you don’t even have to think about it, or can they organise core parts of your facility so things are no longer getting lost or misconstrued.

If you’re still learning about facilities management software and need a little bit more guidance, perhaps these useful FAQs can help.

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Access top facilities management software features with MRI

To get the most out of a facilities management software solution, you’ll want to choose one that allows unlimited work orders and is cloud-based for any time, anywhere access.

You’ll also need a service that is scalable with a clean, modern interface and customizable fields.

At MRI Software, not only do we offer comprehensive and flexible software that follows facility management trends, but we act as an extension to your team.

Whenever you need support or have a question that urgently needs answering, we’ll be there.

Want to learn more about the facilities management software features we have on offer? Schedule a demo today.

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