3 ways to boost your HUD PIC score and elevate your PHA

The proper training and technologies can help your PHA boost its HUD PIC score and keep up with HUD’s regulatory requirements. Keeping on top of your PIC score is a vital part of receiving the proper funding for your PHA, but with such a thin margin of error, you can’t risk taking chances with your data entry.

The more accurate your data, the higher your HUD PIC score will be. You can’t operate efficiently if your PHA is struggling to maintain PIC data and spending lots of time correcting errors each month.

The right PIC software

The right software makes the cumbersome monthly filing processes easier. Avoid incorrect or incomplete data with software that prevents you from skipping required fields and checks for errors as you enter data. This completeness of information ensures that you meet PIC requirements.

As PIC continues to evolve its systems, MRI is actively working with HUD to shape the next-generation system. MRI is committed to making our public housing software solutions as user-friendly as possible so our 975+ PHA clients can easily maintain the data needed to submit to PIC each month.

The right staff training

With the small margin of error involved in the HUD PIC score, your staff must know how to properly navigate the PIC process. It’s also vital for them to know how HUD scores are generated and how PIC scores affect your funding. Special PIC training can close this gap and prepare your PHA for what lies ahead.

PIC training can help your team learn the key indicators to look for when dealing with late tenants, missing tenants, and SSN errors. For example, the proper training can keep staff informed on how to run reports on late tenants and resubmit them to PIC. Training can also prepare staff to manually check for missing tenants and run identity verification reports to ensure there are no Social Security Number errors on your PIC submission.

The benefits you need

Implementing the right software and training your staff properly can help meet HUD compliance requirements and boost your PIC score. MRI’s PHA clients have an average PIC score of 99%, and our compliance expertise and PHA software solutions are designed to help you successfully navigate the PIC process.

“PIC was a nightmare, but I’ve got a handle on it now,” says Shelli Nesmith of the Grant County Housing Authority. “I could not have done this without MRI Software.”

Preparing your staff through software and training doesn’t just put you on the path to better PIC scores; it actively makes the process of entering monthly data easier. This allows you to spend your time assisting those in the community instead of fixing PIC errors. MRI Software PHA clients receive a complimentary PIC score report each month, so they can stay on top of their score and take action, if necessary.

In the world of public housing, the margin for error is thin, and you can’t afford small errors that end up affecting your PIC scores. Learn all about MRI’s PIC training and software opportunities here.


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