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What is lease management?

Lease management manages all aspects of a lease agreement, from creation to the ongoing management of the tenant-landlord relationship. Effective lease management is vital for property managers and landlords to reduce risk, maximise revenue and compl…

What is the future of your real estate ecosystem?

When the pandemic struck two years ago, almost overnight, office workers switched to remote working and PropTech made the mainstream press, quickly becoming a business imperative. Once the real estate industry overcame the initial disruption and beca…

The changing landscape of retail real estate

The concept of ‘reinvention’ seems to be on everyone’s lips across many disciplines, many sectors, and many organisations, due to the global economy and business landscape evolving. Global challenges pile pressure on organisations to become more inno…

How AI is improving the lease abstraction process

One of the biggest challenges in the commercial real estate sector has always been the cumbersome nature of leases. Commercial leases are filled with large volumes of detailed information and finding one specific point can take hours. The process of …

Why Data Integrity is the Key to IFRS 16 Compliance: Managing Data

IFRS 16 is about achieving greater financial transparency. The only way an organisation can truly accomplish this is by safeguarding the integrity of its lease information. It’s simply not enough to be in a satisfactory position by ‘deadline day’, rather businesses need to be ensuring they are fully compliant at any given time, throughout time. … Continued

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