Payment processing

Ensure residents can self-serve on all payment information, and link to your property management and accounting system to achieve the highest levels of data accuracy.

Resident onboarding

Collect pre-tenancy funds and use integrated electronic signature functionality to take new residents through every step of the process.

Facilities management

Utilise maintenance notification functionality to effectively deal with the number-one reason for resident dissatisfaction.

Community and building management

Send notifications about amenities and events, take registrations and payments, plus provide live local-area news and updates.

Information availability

Reduce incoming queries by providing residents with 24/7 access to tenancy documentation as well as unit and development information packs.

Add-on services

Impress your residents with amenity bookings, concierge services and parcel handling – and gain revenue by incorporating offers from local businesses.

Meet and satisfy the demands of your residents, now and in the future

In today’s connected age, where more and more interactions take place online, residents are demanding higher levels of service from their landlords. As a residential property manager, you need to ensure that expectations are not just met, but exceeded – all while facing pressure to seek out new opportunities for revenue generation as your margins are squeezed. Our market-leading resident portal software is designed to help you meet these requirements, enabling you to improve occupancy rates, increase operating income and deliver enhanced service. It can also be fully integrated with your back-office property management and accounting solutions to deliver the highest levels of efficiency and maximise value. Whether you’re an investor or manager in the Private Rented Sector or Build-to-Rent, a residential management company, a letting agent or a Housing Association, our trusted resident portal will help you create much more than just a home for your customers.


  • Reduce your vacant units and unlock new opportunities to generate additional income.

  • Offer a familiar, easy-to-use service for amenity bookings, parcel management and key management.

  • Open up a consistent communication stream between landlord and resident.

  • Improve your tenant sign-up processes and offer easier ways for your residents to make payments.

  • Create an online community that epitomises today’s ‘live, work, play’ culture.

  • Monitor resident engagement to identify trends and influence ongoing strategy.

  • Integrate with property management, leasing and accounting functionality for an end-to-end solution.

  • Tailor the portal to your brand, a client brand or that of the development.

A resident portal for a variety of management applications

Landlords, developers and operators

A powerful resident portal is the cornerstone of your engagement strategy, can encourage tenants to sign-up quicker and stay longer, and also empowers an increase in operating income.

Housing Associations

Use leading technology to deliver clarity and accuracy in self-service communication, plus achieve greater efficiency across all of your estate management processes.

Letting agencies

Harness proven software to decrease the time to full occupancy on client developments and, if there are management requirements, you can also reduce debt issues.

Leasehold management

Provide an advanced level of service to your leaseholders, and use the portal to keep them fully aware of latest developments within the block.

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