Customer Engagement - Engage with your wider community and drive up customer satisfaction

Engage with your wider community and drive up customer satisfaction

No matter the building or business type, the key to great service lies in great customer experience. Whether you manage apartment complexes, assisted living communities, manufacturing facilities, power plants, iconic buildings or historic landmarks, FM customer engagement solutions will focus on putting end customers, whether internal or external, at the heart of your services. They will help you connect with your community to improve customer relationships, accelerate your service delivery, and reduce associated administrative costs.

Improve customer engagement

Don't just satisfy customers - delight them! Improve your relationships, brand loyalty, and employee retention by encouraging and inspiring occupants to contribute to the success of their buildings.

Gain two-way customer to FM team communication

Your end customers may only communicate with your FM team if there's a problem, or they may have poor visibility of things going on in their buildings. Improve customer satisfaction by connecting your customers to the FM team.

Accelerate and elevate your service delivery

Reduce manual tasks, out-of-date processes, and poor integrations that slow down service delivery and increase administrative costs. Reduce reliance on your helpdesk and decrease overheads to provide a better service.

Customer Engagement solutions for any environment

Customer Engagement

Workplace Buildings

Whether it’s broken coffee machines or air conditioning issues, employees can report and request services from anywhere. Benefit from easy navigation through services, booking and payments, purchasing value-adding services, such as a car wash or ordering food to a desk.

Residential Properties

From apartments to entire communities, apps can help you promote residential services like never before. Residents can report issues, book services, and pay for those services through a payment gateway of your choice. The helpdesk provides status updates via the app to keep residents informed.

energy dashboards

Multi-purpose Facilities

Easily engage with end-customers, no matter what type of building you service. Expand your product offering, create new revenue opportunities, and empower your end users to contribute to the quality of their environment. Promote products and services via the app to enable quick payments and delivery.

Why choose MRI Customer Engagement solutions?

Promote safety and wellbeing

Promote safety and wellbeing

Boost the wellbeing of your team with workplace services, such as desk assessments, to make sure their setup is ergonomic. Encourage tenants to book end-of-agreement deep cleans and inspections through your verified service vendors, providing total transparency of any associated costs. Give residents in retirement or assisted living communities their independence back by putting the request for services directly in their hands. Help hospitals improve their occupants’ experience by improving the service request processes.

Keep your customers updated

Keep your customers updated

Give building users access to the information that’s relevant to them for an enhanced user experience. Keep everyone up-to-date with services and events happening in their facility and provide an activity feed dedicated to their requests and updates. Customise what users see, giving them as little or as much information that’s required. Set up and share events that are taking place within your community, keeping everyone in the loop.

Streamline two-way communication

Streamline two-way communication

Inspire your end customers to contribute to the success of their buildings and engage with the FM team. Users can report issues and make requests, giving the service desk and facilities management teams all the information they need to complete tasks and fulfill services. Take customers through a simple journey to collate report data or service requests, and ensure they’re updated every step of the way.

Create revenue opportunities

Create revenue opportunities

Expand your product offering and create new revenue opportunities to empower your end users to contribute to the quality of their environment. Whether it’s a resident needing an electrician or an employee requesting to get their car washed, customers can request, book, and pay for services – all in a matter of minutes. Reduce the reliance on your helpdesk and increase profitability for your revenue streams.

Level up your brand

Level up your brand

Take your branded customer experience to the next level and use your own branded app to boost your profile.


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