Build a picture

Collect data from any system, location, or format with a vast array of drivers and integration methods that are quick and easy to use.

Keep it in one place

Store all your energy related data in a single unified location. From energy consumption and costs to data about the building envelope and occupancy.

Trust the data

Detect and manage erroneous data, all within MRI Energy. Autofill, adjust, and manage complex issues to build confidence in quality data.

energy data collection

Do you spend more time managing data than managing energy use?

It’s a truism that ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.’ But if the data measured comes from many different places in a myriad of formats, it’s difficult to unify and even harder to trust.

  • How do you collate and store data from spreadsheets, BMS systems, IoT devices, paper bills, smart meters, production systems, and more, in one place to give you an accurate set of data for analysis and insight generation?
  • How do you identify and correct the gaps, spikes, rollovers, and various other sorts of error?
  • How compatible is it with existing hardware and ERP systems?

Bring all your data into one centralised data management solution

MRI Energy data collection works with energy, cost, carbon, production, and other data sets.
As long as the data exists, we can collect it

space management

Connects to any system

Receive data from IoT devices, BMS, and oBIX enabled devices. Import from file folders, Modbus TCP/IP and OPC HDA with a locally installed MRI Energy iDC service.

Energy Management Software

Integrates easily

Over 200 data import integrations available, leaving no data out of reach to complete every energy related data set.

Space Management

Mobile meter reading

Capture meter readings with the MRI Energy app for mobile. Data captured offline is transferred to MRI Energy when mobile is connected.

Reduce data management time and spend more time managing energy

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2. Centralise your data

Import and organise your data with MRI Energy to provide a complete picture of your energy consumption.

3. Manage your energy

Let MRI Energy manage your data collection so you have more time for energy management.

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