We are MRI: Achieving strategic goals with a winning culture

Anyone who’s ever been employed at MRI Software knows that being a part of the MRI family isn’t just about finding a fulfilling profession, it’s about being an integral part of helping MRI achieve its goals. Over the years, we’ve been honored to receive several awards specifically dedicated to MRI’s unique culture, our outstanding workspaces, and how the intersection of those two valuable assets has helped MRI grow into one of the best and biggest real estate software providers on the planet.

Attracting top talent

In 2019, MRI was thrilled to win a NorthCoast 99 Award for the 12th time, which recognizes the best Northeast Ohio workplaces for top talent. Winners of this award participated in a rigorous application process that asked for detailed information on how their organization addresses top-performer attraction, development, and retention. While this is not our first time winning, we are proud to have won this award for so many years.

Cultivating health and wellness

One of the ways that MRI Software attracts top talent is by creating a workplace that encourages a healthy lifestyle. Look no further for proof than our Gold awards for Healthy Workplace from the Healthy Business Council of Ohio, which we have won three times since 2016. MRI employees have access to in-office incentives and a rewards program that promote healthy lifestyles across each and every one of the MRI offices throughout the globe, and these opportunities are reflected in this win.

In the summer of 2019, MRI was also recognized by Aetna’s Workplace Well-being Awards. MRI won both a “Changing the World” Award for workplaces in the Mid-Atlantic region and the “Above and Beyond” Award for general well-being in the workplace across the country. We are proud to accept these awards, and we are committed to continuously treating our employees well to promote excellence in the workplace and to foster a community where kindness, honesty, tolerance, and inclusion are part of the culture.

Our strategy of the “MRI family”

MRI’s commitment to its employees runs even deeper than these few awards suggest. We pride ourselves on creating a culture that encourages employees to work hard and achieve the strategic objectives of this company, and we truly do treat them as extensions of our family. Throughout the past few years, we’ve provided increasingly more avenues for personal and professional growth within the organization. Employees don’t just have “upward mobility” at MRI – they have the opportunity to explore the organization in lateral ways that help them pursue career goals instead of simply climbing a ladder. For example, an employee who starts their career at MRI in Sales is not required to stay there – they have the chance to move into a different department should they choose to down the line.

Volunteering in communities around the globe

As you can probably see, MRI has no desire to chain employees to their desks and demand they work on the same things in their entire time here. Growth means exploring new opportunities, and one of the newest opportunities at MRI is our coordinated volunteer effort that takes place in each MRI location. These volunteer events aren’t just a great way to allow employees to make a difference outside the office, they’re an extension of MRI’s mission to transform the way communities live, work, and play.

Global growth and strategic achievements

The emphasis we place on growth for our employees is a core part of MRI’s cultural identity, and it’s absolutely critical in achieving MRI’s strategic goals of large-scale growth. Our employees are beyond talented, and at MRI, we strive to be not just a place where they can work, but a place where they can excel. As such, our company culture has enabled our employees to bring MRI Software into the places it needs to be to expand its market share.

MRI Software was recently honored with a Dealmakers Award from ACG Cleveland that highlights the exact ways in which MRI has been able to achieve its strategic objectives in the past few years. The expansion we’ve experience – 8,500 enterprise clients, tripling of the size of the business, strengthening our product offerings and capacity for future innovation – has brought MRI Software, the open and connected partner ecosystem we’ve cultivated, and the benefits we provide our employees to 30 locations worldwide and over 170 countries.

While the awards mentioned here have been directed towards our headquarters in Northeast Ohio, the MRI family has expanded well beyond the region. It’s made up of every single one of our employees, whether they be in North America, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia or beyond. Everyone has access to the same opportunities and benefits. We are MRI, and the best is yet to come.

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