5 questions FM service providers must ask before investing in a CAFM system

In the fast-paced world of facilities management, staying ahead of the curve is essential for service providers to maintain a competitive edge. With the rise of technology and automation, investing in a Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) system has become crucial to streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.

With a wide range of options available, it’s important for FM service providers to ask the right questions before making this significant investment. In this blog post, we will explore five key questions that every service provider should consider when evaluating a CAFM system.

How do I reduce reactive calls and empower end users to self-diagnose?

Efficiency is the cornerstone of effective facilities management. By implementing a robust CAFM system, service providers can empower end users to take control of their facility needs without the need to spend time in telephone helpdesk queues.

An online customer portal like MRI @yourService can integrate directly with your CAFM system, allowing customers to play an active part in facilities management processes. With the ability to raise issues, book additional value-add services and access resources and account information online, customers can troubleshoot common issues independently without the need to contact your team. This not only reduces reactive calls but also improves user satisfaction and frees up resources for more critical tasks.

How do I ensure my helpdesk team captures problems adequately?

The success of any FM service provider relies on the effectiveness of its helpdesk team. A CAFM system can revolutionize helpdesk operations by ensuring issues are accurately diagnosed, maximising first-time fix rates and streamlining processes.

By implementing customised workflows for ticket reporting, service providers can ensure that helpdesks capture the information required to address issues first time. Customised triage processes can help teams get to the heart of the issues reported by end users, improving the accuracy of maintenance issue diagnosis to make sure that the correct contractors and parts are dispatched, and ensuring that more complex issues are referred to specialist support teams where necessary. Better still, the same triage process can also be rolled out via online portals like @yourService, allowing customers to raise tickets without the need for a lengthy telephone call.

How do I engage with customers and keep them informed?

Transparent and proactive communication is key to building strong relationships with customers. A CAFM system provides service providers with the tools to engage with customers effectively and keep them informed throughout the service delivery process.

By leveraging features like automated notifications, real-time status updates, and self-service portals, service providers can provide timely information, address customer concerns promptly, and foster a sense of trust and reliability. With customer portals like MRI @yourService, you can ensure that your end users receive communications that are tailored to their needs, with the ability to modify language to remove specialist terminology. The ability to add customised service catalogues means you can not only engage and educate users about your existing service offering, but offer upgraded value-add services to build additional revenue streams.

How do I keep hybrid teams updated?

With the advent of hybrid working models, managing teams across multiple locations can be challenging. A CAFM system equipped with mobile capabilities and cloud-based access ensures seamless communication and collaboration across your teams, whether they’re based in-office or working remotely.

Through mobile applications, technicians can access work orders, update task statuses, and communicate with colleagues and customers in real-time. This enables service providers to maintain a synchronized workforce, improve response times, and deliver consistent service quality across the board. Your CAFM system should also be able to integrate third party contractors, ensuring that they’re kept in the loop just as effectively as your own teams, and ensuring you can monitor their progress and performance too.

How do I monitor customer feedback effectively?

Understanding customer satisfaction and collecting valuable feedback is crucial for service providers to continually improve their offerings. A CAFM system can facilitate the collection, analysis, and monitoring of customer feedback through integrated survey tools and data analytics.

With the ability to create custom surveys and gather real time feedback from end-users, the right CAFM system can not only help you measure customer satisfaction, but actively improve it. By capturing feedback at various touchpoints, identifying trends, and measuring performance against key metrics like Net Promoter Score, service providers can gain actionable insights to enhance service delivery, address recurring issues, and exceed customer expectations.

Transform your FM performance with MRI Software

Investing in the right CAFM system is a key strategic decision for FM service providers seeking to optimize their operations, elevate customer experience, and drive business growth. With the right technology in place, service providers can unlock new levels of efficiency, customer satisfaction, and success.

To find out more about how MRI Software can help you become a go-to FM service provider, get in touch today.

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