Maximise return relative to risk

Efficiently manage capital deployment

Easily analyse and forecast strategic business plans

Real estate fund management software for efficient forecasting and faster decision making

Lacking the right information to confidently make decisions causes roadblocks and wastes valuable time. The strategic planning process involves modelling complex scenarios and, without the right resources and tools, you cannot foresee risk and make changes effectively to capitalise on opportunities. 

MRI’s fund management software improves efficiency in setting and analysing strategic plans. Accurately forecast performance and model scenarios to build your strategic plan and rise above the competition by making better, faster decisions.

Identify potential risks and uncertainties using our software's robust modeling capabilities, allowing you to plan for various scenarios

Streamlined fund management

Simplify the strategic planning process by running multiple scenarios quickly from one system of record. Leverage large volumes of data from multiple sources, including non-financial information to help drive accurate decision making.

Increased data accuracy and robust reporting

Gain a clear picture of historical, current, and forecasted fund performance with configurable reporting and analysis. Improve data management and quality with tools for extracting, analysing, and transforming data into meaningful insights.

Increased data visibility and collaboration tools

Leverage data and technology to manage exposure and quickly seize new opportunities. Plan for long term scenarios with multiple plans to increase your organization's agility by quickly creating what-if scenarios to make strategic business decisions and navigate changing market conditions.

Optimise planning and manage fund performance

Powerful fund modelling capabilities provide portfolio, fund and treasury managers a clear and accurate picture of historical, current and forecasted performance of their fund, including its value, risk factors and constraint parameters.

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Key Advantages

  • Discover opportunities by quickly analysing portfolios

  • At-a-glance view of KPIs for individual and consolidated portfolios

  • User-defined “what-if” scenarios and financial modelling

  • One system for a complete picture of your portfolios

  • Standard reports tailored to real estate industry

  • Fund modelling capabilities to manage complex fund structures

  • Step-up and step-down event and multi-tier waterfall capabilities

  • Asset modelling functionality to monitor current and future state of your properties

Transparent reporting and model access build investor confidence

Investment Central

Investment Central

Investment Central

Store and manage data in a central repository to perform asset management and investor reporting.

Asset Modeling

Asset Modeling

Asset Modeling

Assess and model long term capital projects, assess development feasibility and perform scenarios to achieve target IRR.

Fund Modeling

Fund Modeling

Fund Modeling

Gain an accurate picture of historical, current and forecasted fund performance, including value, risk factors and constraint parameters.

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