Timely strategic planning

Leverage a powerful calculation engine, dynamic reporting & scenario analysis to speed up your strategic planning process.

Risk management

Reduce errors and manage risk and exposure through standard and custom reporting.

Fund modelling

Get intuitive modelling of complex fund structures, step-up and step-down events and multi-tier waterfall capabilities.

Assess business impact

Perform transactional simulations, scenario analyses and sensitivity testing to understand potential impacts on your investment portfolio.

Optimise strategic planning and performance for your real estate investments

To stay competitive, real estate organisations must rely on detailed, flexible modelling and sensitivity analysis to gain competitive advantage and maximise risk-adjusted returns. MRI's real estate Fund Modelling software provides portfolio, fund and treasury managers a clear and accurate picture of historical, current and forecasted performance of their fund, including its value, risk factors and constraint parameters. With powerful performance forecasting, transactional simulations and scenario testing, Fund Modelling enables your real estate organisation to craft a strategic plan, make decisions, transact efficiently and optimise portfolio performance.


  • Craft your strategic plan using a powerful calculation engine, dynamic reporting and scenario analysis.

  • Manage strategic risk and exposure through standard and custom reporting.

  • Optimise performance with scenario modelling and planning at the fund level.

  • Save time and prevent errors using a single repository for data and documents.

  • Build stakeholder confidence with flexible, executive reporting.

  • Gain competitive advantage by analysing detailed, flexible modelling and sensitivity.

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