RentTrack Partners With MRI Software To Streamline Online Rental Payment Process

Cleveland, Ohio – RentTrack, a pioneer in the rental payment process that seeks to empower its consumers with an easy, secure way to build credit history while paying their bills, is the latest addition to MRI Software’s unique Partner Connect program. Continuing their efforts to interact with major industry-leading property management and accounting software, RentTrack’s competitive solution will soon integrate with MRI.

By giving residents value – the ability to build credit history while paying rent – property managers can attract new residents and greatly increase their adoption of online payments,” said Matt Briggs, CEO at RentTrack. “Our planned integration ensures that MRI clients won’t have to sacrifice smooth payment operations in order to offer this new amenity.”

RentTrack empowers property managers to collect rent in the formats their tenants want to pay: online with eCheck and credit card. The easy to use software reduces late payments through credit awareness, rent reporting, and fast direct deposit, all while eliminating the hassle of paper checks. One of RentTrack’s key differentiators, however, is its ability to help residents build credit history by reporting their timely payments to major credit bureaus like Experian and TransUnion. In fact, users can view their latest credit score and profile when they sign up.

“We are excited to work closely with RentTrack to create a smooth integration between their product and MRI’s,” said John Ensign, Senior Vice President & General Counsel at MRI Software. “RentTrack’s ability to safely and quickly process online payments while offering a new means of building credit history makes it a compelling option for our clients.”

RentTrack will join MRI as part of the MRI Partner Connect program, an industry-leading endeavor that facilitates MRI’s unique go-to-market strategy. The program is focused on providing MRI’s and its partners’ mutual clients with the ability to leverage best-of-breed solutions alongside MRI’s award-winning products. MRI selects market-leading organizations in business-critical areas for their clients, and then cements firm business partnerships with those companies. The program is focused on structuring relationships and integrations for mutual clients that offer a high confidence, low risk solution to property and investment management processes. The Partner Connect Program is a prime example of MRI’s commitment to powering maximum flexibility for their clients.

For more information about the MRI Partner Connect program, visit our website.

About MRI Software 
MRI offers property management software solutions to the global real estate management and investment industries. As a leading provider of real estate enterprise software applications and hosted solutions, MRI serves the global multifamily and commercial property industries, helping them improve their bottom line and maximize their returns on their diverse business portfolios. MRI leverages its more than 40 years in business to develop long-term successful relationships with its clients. For more information, visit

About RentTrack 
RentTrack gives residents a real reason to pay rent online and on-time. RentTrack can report rent payments directly to major credit bureaus to help residents build credit history. For the first time, consumers have a new avenue to build credit without incurring debt. For MRI clients, RentTrack makes it easy to accept credit cards and e-checks online while maintaining an easy integration with the accounting software. For more information, visit

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