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How to find property management leads

If you’re running a real estate agency, you’ve probably wondered how you can create more property management leads for your business. Finding leads can be difficult depending on a variety of circumstances. Your business may be in a market that do

Key reasons why residential property management is more profitable with the right technology stack

Property management software is transforming the way investors are able to manage their private residential portfolios. In this SlideShare presentation we explore the key benefits and how the right technology can have a direct positive impact on the bottom line. Attracted by long-term cash flows, more and more investors are looking to develop their private … Continued

How property management software can help residential block and estate managers to win more business

As a residential property manager, what are the fundamental factors that persuade your clients – whether leaseholders or committees – to recommend you? The changing face of recommendation New business development in the market has always been highly driven by recommendation, as targeting leaseholders and committees is a hard task to do directly. However, the … Continued

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