Get employees to safety with emergency management software

Remove the guesswork when it comes to emergency management. Easily track cleared zones, allow people to self-verify their safety via SMS, view requests for help, and monitor real-time evacuation progress all within our evacuation software. Sync live people data with your people presence software and inform first responders, wardens and safety marshals have accurate information about who is on-site in an emergency.

Wardens and safety marshals have up-to-date information to manage the evacuation event and ensure the safety of everyone on-site. They can share critical messages, view real-time evacuation progress, and manually verify the safety of anyone on-site

Emergency management software features

Detailed Reporting

Run detailed reports on emergency communications, mustering and evacuations. Gain valuable insights into the efficiency of your emergency procedures for review.

Receive alerts

Receive alerts when someone working at risk is overdue to finish a job, or has been working in a hazardous zone for too long.

SOS alerts

Empower employees and contractors working at risk to send SOS alerts in an emergency, from the WolMobile app. Alerts include the individual’s GPS location, so help can be provided as quickly as possible.

Panic alarm

In the event your receptionist feels their safety or security could be compromised, they can trigger an immediate request for assistance; right from their computer or the visitor kiosk.


  • Easily account for everyone on-site in an emergency situation.

  • Keep everyone informed with instant messages from health and safety risks to evacuation updates.

  • Have confidence and get alerted when employees or contractors working alone, in-high risk situations are overdue.

  • Know who is on-site to ensure emergency services are spending time trying to locate an employee who is not on-site.

  • Give emergency services real-time information on self-verification those on-site who are “safe”.

  • One subscription, per location with access to all features; contractor, employee, visitor, and evacuation management.

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