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Property managers today face huge pressure to ensure that their buildings not only run efficiently and without disruption but also that they provide an engaging, modern and frictionless workplace for their tenants. There is a requirement and duty of care to keep your tenants safe and secure within well maintained buildings but also to provide them with the tools to engage in two-way communication to create a working environment that breeds creativity and ensures continued occupancy for your buildings.

Transform your commercial real estate into a collaborative and engaging work place with building maintenance software


Deliver high quality

Your tenants should come first, and meeting their needs with two-way communication capabilities is key. By providing easy-to-use online tools, you can ensure that you exceed satisfaction and reduce the need for time-consuming phone calls and email chains.

CMMS Software

Operate streamlined maintenance

Gain a robust solution for both planned and reactive maintenance that is fully optimised for your commercial real estate requirements.  Simplify inspections to enhance visibility and drive accountability across your organisation.  

customer engagement

Ensure you retain your tenants

Innovative building maintenance software facilitates a better occupant experience and offers a way to measure tenant satisfaction to ensure you retain the best tenants. Connect occupants to what they truly need to feel productive.

Keep your buildings operating smoothly and your tenants engaged

Portals for two-way communication

Portals for two-way communication

A service portal with full branding provides an interactive service for the tenants in your buildings and can be accessed from a laptop, desktop or mobile device.  By offering the ability to request maintenance services, book amenities, authorise visitors, view billing reports, access documents and receive communications, you can anticipate the needs of tenants and exceed their expectations, whilst fully promoting your brand.

Online amenity reservations

Online amenity reservations

Having quick, easy and intuitive access to online booking systems for resources, such as meeting rooms, freight elevators, conference facilities, etc is key for tenant satisfaction.

Safety and security for occupants

Safety and security for occupants

A secure, web based, easy to use visit and access card management solution maximises security desk efficiency. Streamline registration, capture visitor photos and print badges, and activate and deactivate access cards. A security desk Touch Screen solution, visitor kiosk self-check-in, identification scanning, and access control system integrations further enhance the safety and security of your building.

Preventative maintenance & inspections

Preventative maintenance & inspections

Whether you manage one small building or a complex portfolio, you will be able to quickly implement an effective maintenance programme with our building maintenance software. You’ll have peace of mind that your buildings are compliant and that critical procedures are performed consistently at each and every property, reducing both risk and insurance costs.

Integrations for streamlined operations

Integrations for streamlined operations

Our open and extensible platform allows us to work seamlessly with third-party systems delivering a level of interoperability that streamlines your operations. Our building operations software easily connects with leasing and accounting systems, access control, building automation, facilities management, customer portals, SSO, HR systems, websites, and energy management systems. All supported by our highly skilled and experienced team. We take the guess work out of integrations.

Dashboards, Reporting & Analytics

Dashboards, Reporting & Analytics

Out of the box, dashboards, analytics, and reporting provide the insight you need to make operational decisions and deliver a better tenant experience.

building maintenance software

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