Digital Workforce - Stay in touch and on message with your mobile workforce

Stay in touch and on message with your mobile workforce

As the fast-paced nature of the Facilities Management industry continues to accelerate, the need to keep your workforce informed and connected to your organisation – without constant supervision – is more critical than ever.​ You must have a continuous flow of information between back office operations and engineers in the field to provide reassurance that your workforce is safe and secure.​

Remove reliance on clunky, out-of-date systems and manual processes.

Allocate work and keep connected at all times.

Keep your workforce safe and free from hazards and risks.

Provide an audit trail of work that is timestamped back to MRI Evolution.

Evolution GO gives your organisation a platform to ensure your workforce always has access to the right information at the right time

Offline, but still on track

Evolution GO’s offline capabilities, including real date and time stamping, allows business to continue even when workers stray from network coverage – with the system updated as soon as the device is back in range.


Always in the loop

Field your teams’ feedback and real-time updates directly into Evolution. Helpdesks and clients always have access to the latest intel. Costs and timings are captured accurately ​
and immediately.​

space management

Lightening the load

Eliminate paperwork and reduce back office admin. Evolution GO apps act as an extra admin department, keeping your data completely current while certain required admin tasks are fulfilled automatically.

Evolution GO App Library



Scan specific locations from the app for receiving Tasks using QR/Barcode scanning functionality. Upload ‘route information’ on patrol tasks to assist cleaners with the safe and correct route they need to take to perform tasks. Complete audit questions with Yes/No answers when scanning a location. Cleaning activity integrates fully with MRI Evolution.

Task Manager

Task Manager

Easily sort and search tasks on your list, using quick buttons for accepting, rejecting, and reassigning tasks. Perform risk assessments and acknowledge hazards, whilst integrating task events back into MRI Evolution. Upload attachments from the device at any time, assign stock and, link assets to tasks. Supports your team offline so you can continue working until you get back online.



Remove any time-consuming and wasteful paper-based compliance audits and eliminate standalone proprietary systems by bringing all of your Audit and Inspection requirements together alongside the capabilities of your MRI Evolution CAFM solution.

Provide evidence that your property portfolio remains compliant with a permanent record kept and maintained for all auditing activities, whilst providing assurance that your supply chain is delivering a value-for-money service that meets all expectations.

Adhoc Tasks

Adhoc Tasks

Create adhoc tasks on the go with the ability to upload images and assign assets against them. It’s easy to allocate tasks to available resources or quickly complete them. The app continues to support offline operations so you can continue to work with the assurance that all updates will sync once you regain signal.



Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Collect, mobilise, and verify asset data on the move, organising your assets with minimum time and effort. Add new asset functionality, allowing a resource to quickly create a new asset using predefined information from MRI Evolution.  



Clear and timely guidance for porters in environments where speed and safety are essential.  Resources can change their status, i.e. off-duty and break and notifications can be given for when porters are on route.




Delegate work on the go to your engineers to ensure work is never mislaid and engineers are ever overloaded. Assign Evolution GO tasks to available resources, view currently assigned tasks as well as unassigned tasks, and remove tasks from users’ devices.

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