Whiteboard Wednesday – Single Stack vs. Single Experience

Single Stack vs. Single Experience

This week’s Whiteboard Wednesday features Paul Wahltuch, Director of Product Development explaining the difference between single stack software development and single experience software development. He explains MRI’s approach and rationale behind our use of a single experience when developing real estate software products.


Video Transcription

Paul Wahltuch: Good day. My name is Paul Wahltuch, and welcome to this Whiteboard Wednesday. Software companies in order to remain successful find themselves continually extending their software and it makes economic sense to build new features on top of what you already have.

What this leads to is a circumstance where the later features that you develop are compromised by the earlier features that you have developed. This is a common problem and is known as the single stack. The single stack leads to compromise.

Here at MRI we’ve decided that that compromise is not acceptable, and so we found a way to bring together a constellation of world-class applications to deliver uncompromising value. We call this the single experience.

Now the single experience is valuable for our clients because it not only allows us to bring together other people’s applications and combine that with our capability, but it also allows us to build our own capability very rapidly. Right now we have products being developed on almost every continent of earth that are coming together because of this capability.

If you want to hear more about the single experience contact us at MRI. That’s it for my Whiteboard Wednesday. Thank you.

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