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Oerlikon Metco: Smart security for a safer workplace


Oerlikon Metco has over 80 years experience in developing and producing sustainable surface solutions, with a commitment to developing innovative solutions that improve performance and increase the efficiency and reliability of their customer’s products. Oerlikon Metco supports their customers with specialised components and innovative surface engineering products and services, using advanced coating and surface enhancement technologies.

Visitor management

Oerlikon Metco is a leading global surface solutions provider supporting the power generation, aviation, automotive and other industries. The company operates a high-security facility in Westbury, New York, USA. Due to their facility’s nature, they have to know and be able to account for all visitors and contractors on-site at all times.

We spent hours worrying if the system would work after an update. If the issue was complex, we would waste hours online trying to resolve the issue.

Dominic Errico, Regional & Local Trade Control Manager

Key challenges

Oerlikon Metco was using a comprehensive server-based visitor management system. The system had two major limitations: 1) the software was server-based and 2) quarterly updates were time-consuming and often resulted in the system being down for prolonged periods of time.

Outages and downtime were a regular occurrence for Oerlikon Metco’s visitor management system with each outage disrupting the team and facility. Not only did it impact the ability to keep the facility safe and secure, it also took key personnel away from their job for extended periods of time.

A decision was made to look for alternative software that was 100% cloud based, had great technical support and customer services. Oerlikon Metco wanted to reduce the stress of worrying if the software would be operational.

The MRI OnLocation Solution

Oerlikon Metco didn’t want to have an unreliable visitor management system again. To find the right system, key criteria were developed of what the system needed to do. A list was developed of possible replacement visitor management systems. Each system was evaluated against the criteria and then ranked. Any software that didn’t meet the criteria was eliminated.

The remaining visitor management software options were trialled and evaluated. Following a demonstration of MRI OnLocation, they realised the depth of the software – it had much more than their primary requirement of visitor management. MRI OnLocation also offered (for no additional cost) inductions, contractor and emergency management. None of the other software evaluated met the depth of product which MRI OnLocation offers.

As Oerlikon Metco was paying for stand-alone third-party software for training, tracking and emergency evacuation, they were able to terminate the licence and save instantly by migrating to MRI OnLocation.

By implementing MRI OnLocation, Oerlikon Metco was able to:

  • Move to an all inclusive people presence software for tracking visitor, contractor and emergency management on-site.
  • Move from server to cloud based software removing the stability issues previously experienced.

Rolling out MRI OnLocation was quick and easy, it took approximately 20 hours from start to fully operational. Starting with visitor management, then contractor management, Oerlikon Metco is now in the process of implementing inductions and service provider management.

To date we have seen an instant reduction in costs and we expect more in the future

Dominic Errico, Regional & Local Trade Control Manager

Since moving to MRI OnLocation Oerlikon Metco:

  • No longer need to worry if the software will have long outage periods.
  • Has made cost savings by removing single-use applications.
  • Removed errors with paper training and compliance records. If needed they can now easily print and provide the records for auditing purposes.
  • Has a professional and consistent kiosk greeting all visitors, contractors and employees entering their facility.
  • Know at the press of a button at any given time who is on-site.

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