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Oceania Dairy:
Managing people on-site


Oceania Dairy is a Whole Milk Powder and Infant Base Formula NZ manufacturer run under their parent branch, Yili, in China.

Presently operating with over personnel, staff levels will further increase with expansion of the plant.

Employee attendance

Oceania Dairy Ltd needed an efficient cloud-based employee and visitor management system, to replace their ineffective in/out boards and to record employee and visitor attendance.

Using MRI OnLocation has made our people management a lot safer from a Health and Safety point of view, we know exactly who is on site and when they sign out.

Robyn Horne, Personal Assistant, Oceania Dairy Limited

Key challenges

Oceania Dairy was looking for an employee management solution to replace their staff in/out board. They also needed to sign multiple people in at the same time, manage contractor and visitor permissions on-site, and manage inductions and PPE.

Oceania Dairy needed an employee management system that would:

  • replace their staff sign-in/out board and visitor paper sign-in book
  • make sure employees, contractors, and visitors could easily sign in and out of their site
  • ensure staff wouldn’t forget to sign-in and out of site
  • manage contractors and visitors on-site, and make sure they could be properly inducted
  • let multiple people sign-in and out at the same time.
  • manage Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) use on-site
  • allow them to run checks on staff hours.

Our staff find MRI OnLocation very easy to use. We all have barcoded staff ID cards to scan in and out with every day.

 – Robyn Horne, Personal Assistant, Oceania Dairy Limited

The MRI OnLocation Solution

Oceania Dairy chose to implement MRI OnLocation as their employee, contractor, visitor and evacuation management system after hearing about it from a staff member who had used it at another company’s site.

MRI OnLocation was easily and effectively implemented, without a big outlay for equipment and programming. Oceania Dairy now have sign-in points (mostly iPad kiosks) throughout their site. Their main reception set-up has a touch screen monitor, keyboard, mouse, scanner and printer.

I find MRI OnLocation very easy to navigate, and if there is anything I need to learn the help function is always very informative and has managed on most occasions to answer my questions.

 – Robyn Horne, Personal Assistant, Oceania Dairy Limited

Oceania Dairy uses their MRI OnLocation software to:

  • let staff scan in and out of site using their barcoded ID cards at an MRI OnLocation kiosk, or by using the MRI OnLocation mobile app
  • sign multiple people in and out of their site at the same time
  • issue their visitors with a barcoded tag and red lanyard so they are easily identified, using MRI OnLocation’s Visitor Pass
  • make sure any contractors and visitors on-site have been properly inducted using MRI OnLocation’s Induction Management

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