Residential property management

Cloud-based software to meet the needs of the residential property market, delivering the functionality and features needed to meet and exceed objectives.

Commercial property management

Automate lease administration, simplify operations and improve portfolio performance with comprehensive, centralised data and reporting.

Integrated accounting

Streamline property accounting and improve budgeting and forecasting with finance and accounting software that integrates with your property management system.

Reporting & analytics

Make informed strategic decisions about your property portfolio and identify trends with powerful data visualisation and reporting tools.

property portfolio management software

Gain control over your property portfolio with effective software

Our property portfolio management software will enable you to manage your real estate operations as effectively as possible. Let’s face it — as a residential or commercial property manager, you need to cover all the bases from leasing and maintenance to finance. You also need to attract and retain tenants and residents to maintain occupancy, and manage your overall real estate portfolio in an increasingly competitive market. This means you need the freedom to tailor software to fit your process, not the other way around.


  • Access property data anytime, anywhere with web-based property management solutions.

  • Manage your residential and commercial properties under one comprehensive and flexible system.

  • Simplify the resident and tenant experience with online portals that increase engagement and empower communication.

  • Foster reliable, accurate collaboration by working off one set of data across your business.

  • Optimise retail operations and automate complex lease calculations to maximise performance.

  • Scale your business and adapt to strategic shifts with software that won't limit your growth.

property portfolio management software

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