Data Integration

Efficient real time data sync - properties, owners, tenants, property managers, service providers, account codes and general ledger codes.

Auto Invoicing

Account and invoice push back - no more manual entry of invoices that have been received from service providers - this process is automated.

Single Sign-On

Deep integration with single sign on - everything happens inside Property Tree no need to login to different screens and browsers.

Anytime, Anywhere

Benefit from 40 years of robust and compliant trust accounting experience. Take comfort your data is safe from theft or loss on our Microsoft Azure platform.

Easy for property managers

Property management and maintenance can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Maintenance management related tasks can easily take between 30 and 60% of your day. Multiple phone calls, voicemails, telephone tag between your service providers, owners and tenants – it often feels like you will never get to the bottom of these tasks, and this is on a good day. That was until now.

MRI Maintenance Plus adds all the stakeholders in the maintenance workflow in one place so there is nothing that is lost and there is no need to have any off-platform communications. Everyone is updated in real time with push notifications delivered directly to their mobile devices or they can use the web portal as well.

maintenance plus

Features for property managers

  • MRI Maintenance Plus will grow with your business. Whether you are a start-up or a multinational you will have the tools to increase productivity and reduce costs.

  • A full integration with a seamless real time data sync including properties, owners, tenants, property managers, service providers, account codes and general ledger codes.

  • Solve maintenance requests by chatting or taking a video call with one person or every person that is needed to resolve the maintenance request, all within the platform.

  • We have both simple and complex workflows to help you best manage the maintenance requests, tasks and schedules.

  • Find out all elements and areas relating to maintenance. Gain valuable insights in the composition and the details of all the maintenance tasks completed at your organisation.

  • Keeping track of activities is hard. We have a recent activity timeline so you see and action the items that require your immediate attention by clicking directly into the item in the notification.

  • Choose from your own service providers or those from our marketplace or you can find service providers on demand by searching for trades in your area and engage them on the map to complete your tasks.

Maintenance Plus

Easy for property owners

As a property owner it is great to be kept up to speed on the maintenance of your investment property. With MRI Maintenance Plus, Owners will be automatically linked to the property through the application. If there is an owner approval threshold, the property manager can seek Owner approval before receiving quotes, after receiving quotes or at any time – all from the palm of your hand.

Once a maintenance job is completed all parties will receive a push notification, so everyone knows when the task is completed. You can also see the full maintenance history of the property. As an industry first, you can even present the property maintenance history to a vendor at the time of sale to show the maintenance activities completed at the property and when they were completed in case of any warranty issues that may arise. Visibility, transparency and accountability for every investment property.

maintenance plus

Some great features for Property Owners

  • Keep track of all maintenance requests using the app. Receive push notifications when a job is waiting for review and keep up to date of the progress of jobs as well as a final notification once complete.

  • Use the same mobile or desktop app to post jobs for your own property, workplace or any location you need property maintenance. Use the same pre-qualified trades that property managers use.

  • Whether a quick chat or video call, or a property manager needs to join an owner and tradie to a group call, every party to the maintenance issue can be on a group chat or call to review and make informed decisions.

  • With open transparency, owners are linked by the property manager to the property and can easily review maintenance task requests as well as see the complete maintenance history at the property.

  • Once quotes are received and the job is sent for approval, owners can either approve the work as a whole or by service provider. Work orders are then sent for scheduling with the property manager and the tenant.

  • With the mobile and desktop apps you can send and receive maintenance requests for approval. Owners will receive the complete job information including any pictures and videos uploaded with the jobs.

maintenance plus

Easy for tenants

MRI Maintenance Plus has simplified the way maintenance requests are logged. Tenants can simply download our app so they can log jobs in less than 60 seconds. Attach pictures and videos of the issue so the property manager can see the problem and action it with a minimum of fuss. The Tenant will be kept up to date with approvals for the job and can even schedule a time with the service provider that best suits them via the in-app calendar. Once the service provider is on the way Tenants receive a notification, map tracking and ETA so they can be there when they are needed rather than spending time waiting around. Once work is completed, there is a feedback system to rate the work and service provider.

If a Tenant needs to book a plumber, cleaner, a gardener or they have locked themselves out – they can use the same app to post jobs for the property, or any property for that matter using the same great tools.

maintenance plus

Some great features for Tenants

  • Use the mobile app to post, update, monitor, schedule and give feedback on maintenance tasks. 1 minute job posting and real time push notifications for all maintenance tasks, gives you the tools you need.

  • A service provider can share its schedule and tenants can select a time that works best. Once confirmed they are sent a push notification and a calendar invite confirming the appointment.

  • Tenants can use the app and post an issue using the same trades that the property manager trusts. If a trade is needed urgently, you can use our tradie marketplace, have a chat and award the request.

  • Tenants no longer have to call or email requests. Posting a job on the app takes less than a minute and the Tenant can capture any pictures or videos of the issue so that it can be identified, quoted and completed rapidly.

  • Tenants won’t be kept in the dark about service providers arrivals. In the app you can see if they are on time and their ETA to get to the job. Plan your day around what is happening rather than what may happen.

  • You want a great job and we want great service providers. At the completion of your job whether it is for a property manager or tenant, you can provide feedback and ratings for the service provider that completed the task.

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