MRI Atrium - MRI Atrium EAM software addresses the unique strategic and operational demands of asset management

MRI Atrium EAM software addresses the unique strategic and operational demands of asset management

The MRI Atrium EAM software helps organisations reduce cost, add value and improve performance. It drives strategic actions by providing a management-level view of your estate, enabling you to make evidence-based decisions to optimise asset performance aligned with your long-term corporate objectives.

On the operations side, the MRI Atrium EAM software provides a joined-up approach to the day-to-day management of your estate. It increases operational efficiency and productivity by improving communication and accessibility, streamlining business processes, and ensuring data reliability.


KPI Dashboards

View a single version of the truth with management dashboards, data-grids and easy data analysis.

Scenario Modelling

Inform long-term investment strategy and generate 'what if' scenarios based on business needs/budgets.

Access anywhere

Provide contractor access for on- and off-site work recording.

Open & Connected

Get integrated help desk capability, including links to external systems, eg GIS, CAD, Finance, Energy.


  • Visualise past, present and future performance across your estate.

  • Benefit from lifecycle costing planning, allowing long-term expenditure trend identification.

  • Utilise document management for media files or external link storage.

  • Supports all types of assessments, such as compliance, environmental, business impact and more.

  • Efficient management and delivery of reactive, planned and project work.

  • Mitigate risks through automated alerts and notifications.

Atrium Modules


Property structure, core registers and security, admin and audit.


Acquisitions and disposals, agreements and valuations.


Condition survey, specialist surveys and suitability and sufficiency.


Orders (reactive) and contracts (PPM) and projects contractor module.


Request management and costs in use and sustainability.


Visualise, understand, measure and act on the space needs of your organisation. Inform workplace layout decision-making to improve engagement of occupants.


Scenario modelling and plan types and policies.


Lifecycle impact and long-term financial analysis.


Detailed project planning and detailed budgeting.

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