The Phone vs Ticket Debate for Getting Support

This is an ongoing debate, why is there not an option to call support? Why do we have to put in a ticket?

Let’s first go back to why we turned the phones off in the first place. You could call support but you would end up in a queue and have to wait sometimes 5 mins and sometimes 40 mins depending on the queue size. It would be very rare to get a person answering, why is this? Because we are already on the phone with clients helping with their queries. Remember how you felt when you called IRD, Vodafone or Banks?

So, we made the choice to turn the phones off so that you could lodge a ticket, enter the explanation, attach a sample and then carry on with your work. The ticket goes into the same queue a phone call would and they are picked up in order. The Support team are then pre-loaded with the information they need. They will then call you back to sort (They can reply by email but only if the answer is easy).

And herein lies the issue: Our team have been a bit naughty about picking up the phone, but we are working hard on this, and you should see an improvement.

What if the issue is urgent? It would be the same if you called in, you would wait in a queue and we would not know it is urgent, but if you are lodging a ticket, you can mark it as urgent.

Fair warning though, the team will read the ticket and jump the queue if it is urgent but if not really urgent, you will get told off and that could affect you in future. Urgent is when you cannot log in or cannot carry on with any other work as you are blocked.

Please, help us help you faster, fill in as much information as you can, this will ensure you get the right person with the right knowledge and gives our team a heads-up to gather the information they need.

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