MRI Software Version X Now Generally Available

SOLON, Ohio – MRI Software, a global leader in property and investment management solutions, generally released Version X of its software today.

“Version X has been a great success with the customers that migrated as part of the controlled release,” said Brian Zrimsek, Chief Products Officer at MRI Software. “The feedback that we have received from the companies piloting Version X reinforces our belief that this release is going to drive a positive change in the way that property owners and managers interact with their enterprise software.”

Early adopters have proven the implementation methods and procedures designed by MRI deliver a smooth transition for clients migrating to Version X. Current clients on MRI’s award-winning SaaS platform will receive a notice for scheduling their upgrade, which will happen over the remaining months of 2015.

Since the controlled release of Version X in March, MRI has seen a strong market demand for the software, with over 40 customers either using or testing the new product.

“MRI Version X is a game-changer,” said Carolyn Lindeman, Business Solutions Manager at North American Properties. “We love the mobile aspects of the platform and believe that this enterprise software will reduce the time necessary to manage our properties while providing the flexibility we need as our business grows and evolves.”

Ron Herman, Assistant Treasurer and Director of Systems at Goldberg Companies, Inc., said, “After exploring MRI Version X, I would classify GCI as an enthusiastic future adopter; we are already working on a plan to ready our company for this exciting transition. I project that the new Version X will help us to become more flexible and better meet the needs of all stakeholders – prospects, residents, and owners alike. I look forward to continuing to work with MRI as they have always been a strong partner.”

MRI Version X property management software takes the best aspects of online search and shopping websites and applies those user experiences to enterprise software for the real estate market. The goal of Version X is to provide a faster and more intuitive experience for the user so that less time is spent on training and completing routine functions. To explore how MRI Version X can help your growing real estate company, please visit

About MRI Software
MRI Software LLC is a leading provider of innovative software solutions for the global real estate industry. MRI delivers a comprehensive and truly configurable solution, from property-level management and accounting to the most complex, long-range financial modeling and analytics for both the commercial and multifamily real estate markets. As a leading provider of real estate enterprise software applications and hosted solutions, MRI leverages over 40 years of business experience to develop long-term successful relationships with its clients. Originally founded in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., the company has offices in Toronto, London, Sydney, Singapore, and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit


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