MRI Software Addresses Real Estate Industry’s Sustainability Challenges With eSight Energy Acquisition

Addition of global energy use specialist bolsters MRI’s facilities and real estate management solution set and empowers organisations to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs

London – 2 November, 2021 MRI Software, a global leader in real estate software, announces it has acquired eSight Energy Limited, a UK-based software development company that empowers property owners, operators and occupiers worldwide to better manage their energy consumption and environmental footprint. Deploying eSight Energy® solutions enables organisations to improve energy-related decision-making and savings through off-the-shelf and customisable reporting and analytics. The acquisition enhances MRI’s comprehensive facilities and real estate management capabilities by adding energy monitoring solutions that decrease operating costs, reduce environmental impact, improve facility performance, and help meet legislative and compliance standards.

“One of the foundations of a well-connected community is sustainability. With this acquisition, we’re excited to continue empowering organisations to take on the challenge by helping them meet their environmental, social and governance goals,” says Saurabh Abhyankar, MRI’s Chief Product Officer. “Improving sustainability and energy efficiency results in a rare win-win-win by reducing costs, improving occupant health and helping the planet. eSight Energy provides businesses with the tools they need to help ensure they are doing everything they can to achieve these goals.”

eSight Energy software integrates with a broad range of real estate data sources and delivers a unified view of a company’s energy footprint – whether via interactive dashboards or detailed, customisable reports. The result is to provide actionable insights that reduce costs and consumption, helping organisations raise the value of their real estate portfolios while contributing to a more sustainable environment. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with offices in the US, the company monitors more than 260,000 buildings and production sites across 60 countries, helping its customers realise up to 30% savings on their energy costs.

MRI continues to invest in solutions that drive efficiency in every part of the organisation – from space scheduling, planning and booking to facilities lifecycle management to best-practice energy usage. The acquisition reinforces the company’s commitment to helping clients produce better overall ESG outcomes now and in the future. In addition, the information generated by eSight Energy software can be used to meet financial reporting requirements, such as energy and carbon reporting required by some governments. The software also simplifies and automates the tenant billing process, enabling accurate invoicing and on-time payments: It reads consumption data from tenant meters, generating error-free invoices; for multi-tenant buildings, the system can track individual submeters.

Janie Jefferies-Freer, CEO at eSight notes: “As a global leader in real estate software solutions, MRI furthers our reach and ability to help organisations worldwide boost their energy performance and environmental impact. From retail stores to universities to office blocks, today’s buildings are powered by a multitude of energy sources that produce large amounts of data from various systems, sensors and monitors. Combining eSight’s ability to tap into that data with MRI’s facilities management capabilities enables more organisations, whether large or small, to track energy consumption, identify issues and quickly resolve them.”

Founded in 1998 with the goal of monitoring energy consumption and reducing associated costs, eSight enables organisations to centralise and analyse all types of data affecting the energy efficiency of their buildings and equipment regardless of the data’s source, system or format. MRI will continue to support eSight users without interruption.

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