May Updates from Palace

Mayday, Mayday, we’re nearly halfway there!

What can you catch with your eyes closed? … A cold
As we turn up Bon Jovi and gear up for the halfway mark of 2022, the air starts to get a little cooler and the tissue boxes get stocked up, but one thing remains warm and toasty… Our too hot to handle monthly updates!

Let’s taco ‘bout it

Hopefully, you all enjoyed the recent short weeks, we however weren’t short on updates. In the last month, we fixed bugs related to our commercial statement, owner statement subject line as well as the supplier initials field. Along with these fixes, we updated our Healthy Homes tab with a new field and updated our Rent Review process with the suggested rent change date. Just in case you’re one of the few, you can find out all the details about this release on our announcements page.

Wine Not?

Did you know, in May we celebrate ‘Wine Day’? Just like a quiet night in front of the fire with a glass of your favourite wine, we’re going low-key for our May update as we have the team powering through some of our larger projects… but more on those later.

This month, we’re making a quick little fix to our EOY statement generation, a very rare error that could happen 1 out of 5 times, specifically for those that have merged with another database. Along with this, we update our Document Flow process, not necessarily to ‘speed’ things up, but more to mitigate any chances of duplicated invoices from being processed when a large batch is processed. Keep an eye out for our release notes that will hit your screens in the next couple of weeks.

On the other side of the bottle though, we have an update coming out for our inspection app, one that I’m sure we’re all waiting for.

You asked, we answered! For our iOS team, we’ve split up the take new image and upload from camera roll buttons. With this, we’ve also fixed issues with the camera lighting and template configuration.

For our Android team, you can expect a new app design dropping next month, but for now, we’ve fixed the app crashing when signing into YouTube and added more stability for syncing a large number of properties.

Lettuce show you what we’ve been working on

So what have we been working on behind the scenes?

Performance updates are an ongoing beast that we continue to tame. We’ve just released our ‘lazy loading’ update which will enhance the performance of our property screen and all going well, we can adapt these same changes in other areas that need some more loving.

But wait… there’s more. For our eagle eyed readers, and I hope we have a few – You may recall a mention of a ‘Holidays’ feature being introduced to Palace. The bad news, I still can’t give you a release date, however, the good news is…. Well, I’ll let the below do the talking for me:

After a couple of months of headbanging, coffee on tap and countless censored words, we have got the front-end of our new holidays feature built and connected to Palace. With this, we’ve also brought in a new transaction type to handle holiday deposits and payments which will be test ready very soon.

In the above clip, you will see that we have a new management type called ‘PAL Holidays’, which, when selected, will trigger a new tab under the property called ‘Holidays’. This will be the home for all your holiday bookings, where you can add all the booking details you need, from the check in and out dates, down to the linen fee amount.

Now that the front end design is ready to go and the new transitions are plugged in, we’ve got our reports to work on and the API connection with our first holiday system partner ‘Hostaway’.

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