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Message from the Desk of Mandy

May already, and still so warm that I think we are going to get a shock when winter hits.

We have been very busy here at Palace with a few changes, as you would have heard Michael Abbott has decided to step out to new pastures. Since selling to MRI Michael has been working on another product running their Product team but just felt that he was going back in time to challenges already faced. He is going to take it easy for a while and see what comes up. Michael has been working on a big data project with Valocity and will still be involved around that. More to come on that later.

We have just welcomed in a new Trainer, Leo Chen who will be running the webinars, doing online and onsite training with existing clients and various other tasks. Leo is fluent in Mandarin, so if you need any help with translations when dealing with support, we can bring in Leo to help.

MRI recently sent out a Customer Survey, unfortunately, it was a bulk mail that was blocked by many spam filters, we will be doing another one through the Pendo app in the next couple of months. Thank you to those that did receive it and filled it in.

We received a lot of great feedback, very positive comments and of course some helpful suggestions for improvements. All comments have been read and passed on to me. I have shared out the list and Nick, David and I have started calling people.

I have scheduled two webinars on the back of this:

Interview with the Heads of Departments – 27th May, 1:30 pm I will be interviewing our Support Team Leader, David and our Product Manager, Lisa about Support and the Software. I will be asking them questions that we received from the survey but also please join us and we will answer questions as we go. Register Now

Advanced Reporting – 7th June, 11:30 am Learn the finer details on how to get the most out of financial reporting. Register Now

What you may not know about Palace – 7th June, 1:30 pm This will cover all the Palace functions in an overview. This webinar is organised because of some feature suggestions that are already in Palace and the clients did not know. Register Now

I want to conclude that, even though we are now part of MRI and are part of a larger team, we are still left to be Palace. Our staff are still the same and we are still in the same place.  We thank you for your ongoing support, it means a lot to us.

Best regards, 

Mandy Welch, General Manager MRI Palace 


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