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Message from the Desk of Mandy

It is scary how quickly the year is passing, sometimes I think we have achieved nothing, so I have developed the habit of sitting at the end of each week for 15 mins and looking back at what we have achieved, and I have to say it does make me feel better. Otherwise, I just feel like we are running, running but not getting anywhere, I bet a lot of you are nodding your heads right now, it is a common feeling.

There are a lot of webinars and workshops going on now, getting out and seeing people in the flesh.

I am running two Principal/Managers Workshops this month, one in Wellington on the 29th August and one in Auckland on the 30th August.

REINZ have a couple of informative webinars: Is your Property Management Business ready for a Privacy Audit (Thursday 23rd August) and Unlawful dwellings, what you need to know (Wednesday 31st August).

Our new holiday feature plus the API to Hostaway is being released at the end of this month.

We have been working with Valocity for a while now, working around data and we are getting very close to being able to test this with some clients and then offer it out to everyone.

Our “Vote for New Features” area has been down for some time whilst we move to the new MRI platform, we have finished tidying it up and moving it, we are just trying out the new links and how it works, you will see it back under a new name in Palace in September.

Lots more going on so check out the rest of the newsletter

Enjoy your month and looking forward to talking soon.

Mandy Welch, General Manager MRI Palace


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