Giving you Pumpkin to Talk About

Counting down the last few weeks of this season, we continue to spring into the next chapter with new and exciting updates each month. Dive in and see what we have in store for the months to come!

An update to September
In the month that was, we released the new Bank Authority feature, as well as changes to our Tenant Invoicing Process by adding fields to give our larger invoices a more detailed breakdown. Along with these new features, we made some minor improvements to some of our everyday areas within the system, including the new merge fields for bond amounts, payment type for bond payments and more. Read the Latest Release.

Giving you Pumpkin to Talk About
Full of treats and no tricks this month as we have an exciting line-up of items due for release for October. From Dashboard changes to Inspection Charge updates, we really do have a mixed bag of goodies that will for sure improve your experience with MRI Palace. We don’t usually give out a sneak peek at what’s due to come out, but if you read the October Release here you will be able to have a sneaky read ahead of our release.

Something to November
For the month of November, we are steering away from the mixed bag of treats and focusing on one particular area within Palace and that is our current high priority report bugs. As usual, I will leave you in suspense until our next issue for any juicy fine details in regards to what reports we’re looking into, but trust the wait will be worth it.

That isn’t all though, as we will also be releasing a long-awaited update to both our Apple and Android inspection apps. We’ve got electronic signatures, wide-angle camera view for iOS, Automatic deletion of uploaded inspections and much more! Stay tuned and make sure you are subscribed to receive our release notifications. If you haven’t done so already, jump onto our Liquid-based inspection app (the pink one) as all future updates will only be released to this platform moving forward. Contact Support to get transferred to the latest pink Palace app.

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