February Updates from Palace

New Year, Same Release Bangers

It’s a new month and you know what that means… we’re back in action with the release game. Lots to unfold this year and we’re only two months into the year, so accept our rose for the month of love as we unravel what’s happening this month and more!


Always Changing, Constantly Evolving

It almost feels like the Palace star sign fits right in with Aquarius as we’re constantly looking to evolve and make changes to do better by you, our Palace family.

We eased into the new year with some internal changes and whilst the old saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same, the one thing we can always guarantee is that you can expect a great release every month and we will always do our best to improve the workflow for our clients and aim to make Palace as flawless as possible.

Some internal changes include myself (Allan Vaifale) moving into a Scrum Master role. I will still be around and you will most definitely still hear from me, as I’m like the neighbour’s cat that you just can’t get rid of.

Replacing me as the Palace Product Owner is our one and only Lisa Turner. Lisa has spent the last couple of years as our Quality Engineer whilst multi-tasking and honing her skills and knowledge in the land of Product Management. The direction of Palace releases is in safer hands with Lisa behind the wheel.

A huge part of our release success over the last couple of years was due to the work that our Testing team completed. With Lisa, we also had our amazing automation king Saurabh Dadar, who will still be around smashing it in that department, however, joining him in Lisa’s place, is our very own Chelsea Wannell. Some of you may recognise Chelsea from our conferences and training workshops, but with her exquisite experience in Product Management, we could not pass on the opportunity to snatch her to be a part of our development team as the new queen of Quality Assurance.

The rest of our amazing development team continue to do what only they can do and that is, dive into the Matrix and unleash all sorts of goodness for you on a monthly basis.


Giving you a Pizza our heart

A big release to kick things off this month as we make some important changes to our Bond Payment Process, where you will now have the ability to automatically send your bond lodgement forms to the bond centre once you process your payments. Other changes include bug fixes to our inspection reports and enhancements to certain areas for performance.

Make sure you check out our release notes to keep up to date with our recent changes – February Release Notes


February is ending soon, but that’s okay. We’ll March on.

2021 seems like a distant memory now, but we hope you remember our last article regarding our plans for the first part of the year. We plan to focus on our high-impact performance areas within the system for the first 6 months and so far we are on track with this plan. In the month of March, we continue this streak, whilst looking to bring out other minor features.

With these releases in mind, we also hope to release our inspection app update on both iOS and Android platforms.

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