20 Different Ways Companies are Transforming Their Offices: A culture playbook for the future workplace

Amid the current high-profile debate about the pros and cons of remote working and the best way for companies to operate in the hybrid era, one thing is consistently overlooked. Globally, the office is undergoing its most radical transformation in a generation. Around the world, office culture and even the very concept of the office is being changed and adapted by the widest range of organisations with the purpose of creating a better working future.

The pace of change has been accelerated by several factors: a slow return to the office, the vocal demands of employees emboldened by the autonomy they enjoyed during the pandemic, and a constant questioning of the future viability of office work itself. Organisations everywhere now have an appetite for office renewal. In the Nordic region alone, more than three-quarters of companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland (77%) plan to renovate and reorganise their office spaces over the next two years according to a survey by facilities company Coor.

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