Benefits of using FM software for planned preventative maintenance (PPM)

One of my customers recently asked me to sum up the main benefits of using facilities management software for planned preventative maintenance (PPM). Here are just some of the key reasons I gave them as to how FM software can improve PPM.

Better control of planned maintenance

FM software will allow you to structure and manage PPM jobs in the most efficient way; using SFG20 estimated times, PPM can be scheduled throughout the year to ensure there are no peaks and troughs in the labour hours required. FM software will also help you determine which jobs should be completed first by marking PPMs as statutory, mandatory, discretionary and priority. Furthermore, an FM app will allow you to record the actual times of maintenance rather than predicted, so you can restructure your PPM schedule accordingly.

Cost planning

One of the key benefits of using FM software is seeing the estimated cost or agreed price of PPM jobs. By viewing these by location, asset, subcontractor, engineer or team, you can budget the cost of PPM over the next 12 months and eliminate large unpredicted outgoings.

Improved labour use

Using FM software you can digitally distribute work to your remote staff, eliminating the need for them to return to the office to pick up a paper job sheet. Paired with a resource map to view the location of engineers, this will help reduce travel time and allow your staff to complete more jobs.

Better contractor management

FM software will improve the management and monitoring of contractors; you can receive instant notification of completed work rather than wait for the presentation of an invoice. Your contractors will also be able to attach photos to the job, allowing you to better manage work quality. Additionally, FM software will enable you to monitor the contracts, costs and insurance details to ensure that the delivered service matches what was promised.

Streamline processes

By using FM software you can set up PPM jobs with predefined risk assessments, H&S statements, work order questions, service contracts and responsible engineers. This allows jobs to be distributed quickly when due, and the information will be defaulted onto the work order without any manual intervention.

Flexible reporting

Flexible reporting allows for improved business intelligence and informed decisions; a market leading FM system will allows users to create their own custom reports as well as providing a range of standard ones.

Reduced administration

With FM software the details of the work completed by the engineer will not have to be written up by hand, or rekeyed into the system for analysis. Instead, the work details can be completed via a mobile app, with the data automatically synced back into the system.

Extended asset lifecycle

With better control over PPMs through FM software, you will be able to keep your assets in working condition for longer – ultimately saving you time and money.


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