Manage by Exception Tools

Mitigate insurance liability by implementing advance notification of expiration to both property management and the insured party.

Contractor tracking

Enforce tenant contractor compliance with building standards by mandating tenants to electronically submit vendor appointments.

Electronic COI Submission

Template-based insurance requests can be initiated via web portal. Tenants and vendors can electronically submit their up-to-date documents for approval.

Ensure compliance and mitigate risk

Workspeed Risk Management allows for visibility into tenant and vendor insurance, mitigating liability concerns. Automated alerts help ensure that all tenants and vendors maintain up-to-date certificates of insurance, therefore ensuring consistent compliance and reducing your overall risk exposure. On-demand tenant/vendor submission workflows make it quick and easy for tenants and vendors to upload insurance documentation. Maintain and store COIs and endorsements electronically for easy access by property staff. A centralized database allows for quick, on-demand review. Finally, limit-specific templates help ensure that the right coverage is being maintained by all parties entering or performing work on your property.

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