About MRI OnLocation

WhosOnLocation provides people presence management software that monitors the safe and secure movement of people through buildings and work sites.

Our powerful, cloud-based solution unites visitor, contractor, employee, and emergency management, enabling organizations to secure their facilities and ensure the safety of every person on-site. Armed with a rich, unified source of people presence information, our users are empowered to make more strategic, data-driven decisions that mitigate risk, reduce overhead costs, and streamline operations. WhosOnLocation serves organizations in 35 countries around the world, and manages over 26 million secure movements through thousands of locations each year.

Partnering with MRI OnLocation

Problems we solve

When facilities aren’t secure, organization, their people and assets are vulnerable. Our integrated suite of mobile, tablet and desktop apps are designed to keep on-site security at globally recognized industry standards.

What we do

We provide robust, secure, cost-effective cloud software for the management of visitors, contractors, employees, evacuations, inductions & remote worker tracking. All features are backed up by powerful reporting.

Improved brand experience

Help your customers meet regulatory obligations by gaining greater control over who is permitted on-site. WhosOnLocation helps organiations to reduce exposure to multiple security and safety risks.

Benefits of becoming a channel partner

Our Channel Partner Program helps organizations experienced in facility, security and safety management grow their business by driving client acquisition and top-line revenue.

As a Channel Partner you are focused on making the security and health & safety of your customer’s people, assets, and IP simple using our cloud-based people presence platform. Our integrated software includes visitor, contractor, and employee presence management, supported with an expert help center, enterprise reporting and an open API.

Earn, support and grow your customer base

Recurring revenue

Earn recurring revenue with our unique revenue sharing model.

The model consists of three tiers to match your business size and type - helping you build a predictable revenue stream that generates consistent cash flow.

Supporting customers

Reselling WhosOnLocation is a win win for you, your clients and WhosOnLocation.

As leaders in the industry, pass on your knowledge of site security to your customers, helping them to keep their people safe.

Supporting you

WhosOnLocation supports you through the process and helps you generate new streams of recurring revenue.

Our partner hub contains all the product and feature information you'll need to keep sales teams up-to-date.

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