Using MRI Qube PM? Stay organised with Fixflo.

Managing leasehold properties? Fixflo helps you automatically triage leaseholder and resident requests, helping you cut down on manual admin tasks so you can focus on solving problems. Every stakeholder communicates in one place with appropriate visibility, greatly enhancing the customer experience for leaseholders, residents and suppliers. Key information such as property data, annual budget fund levels, costs, and invoices are pushed across Fixflo and MRI Qube PM so that your entire team are always working with the most up-to-date details right where they need them.

Using MRI Sales and Lettings? Get more done faster by integrating Fixflo.

When it comes to rented properties, the demand on your property managers to meet customer expectations can come from multiple streams. From reactive repair requests to planned maintenance jobs, your property managers can quickly request landlord approvals and update occupiers and source contractors in one central hub. Key information such as property data,costs and invoices are shared across Fixflo and MRI Sales and Lettings in real-time so that everyone is always working with the right information right where they need it.

Supercharge MRI Engage with Fixflo

With Fixflo’s intuitive repair reporting tool, your residents are guided to report issues and supply all the right information you need to triage the problem. Engage can be integrated with your Fixflo site, so every maintenance issue can be updated on your Engage system in real-time. You will have a detailed repair report for every new issue without even having to pick up the phone. With the Fixflo integration, you can have a complete maintenance record for each tenancy, all in the right place.

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