Save time

Reduce time spent on manual data extraction by 80%.

Do more with less

Get down to business quickly with AI models that are ready with as little as 5-10 example forms.

Secure your data

Keep your data confidential with the highest data security standards and compliance with regulations such as GDPR.

MRI Forms Intelligence - Do you sometimes think you have too much data?

Do you sometimes think you have too much data?

Huge volumes of documents, especially at critical periods, make for a tedious, and time-consuming, process when entering data manually. Data quality errors could further cost your business not just in profits, but also in unsatisfied employees and difficulty with hiring and retention. You need a better way to get all of your information into one secure yet accessible database.

Tax Forms

Highly monotonous and not tied to driving direct revenue so often gets "put off".

Certificate of Insurance

Manual tracking of various commercial liabilities tied to each certificate can be tricky.

Utility Bills

Processing utility bills by hand can often result in human error which directly impacts revenue.

Why your teams will love it


All your assets digitised fast

Extract the information you need, quickly, from any type of business form.

Enterprise FM

Actionable data

Export and use the data in other systems immediately.

Custom AI that saves time

Our team creates custom AI models so you aren’t manually labeling forms just to ensure data accuracy.

Do more with MRI Forms Intelligence



Enable collaboration across your global business teams with more than 60 supported languages, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Russian.



Store archived files in a secure, cloud-based system to host your forms and data after extraction for audits.

Flexible exporting

Flexible exporting

Flexible option to export data in formats such as CSV and JSON to consume in external apps.

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