The Best Features of myMRI Client Portal You’re Not Using

MyMRI_logo_RGBClients of MRI Software are equipped with powerful tools that may not always get the attention they deserve. We’ve decided to break down the details of some of our most useful tools in the myMRI Client Portal. Make sure to visit the myMRI Client Portal today to experience our newly released, streamlined interface!

The myMRI Client Portal includes features such as:

  • Reporting and Dashboards – View your case activity at a glance on the home page with our real-time Support dashboards.
  • Our Chatbot Leo – Looking for the answer to a quick setup questions or maybe you have received an error when running a report? You can interact with Leo to search through our existing self-service library of resources or if you cannot find what you are looking for you will may be prompted to open a support case with our team.
  • Knowledge Articles – If you have any questions regarding the functions of the software or how to perform a task, there are over 2,500 knowledge articles to help you through your questions. You can sort and filter these articles by product family, generate PDFs, and share with your colleagues.
  • MRIFLIX Support Videos – View our library of client support videos designed to help you find the answers to frequently asked questions. The support team at MRI Software analyzes all of the data from our support cases selects the most common support requests. We have 220+ videos available for clients to get the support they need, without having to call their support team. These voice videos are paired with screen captures, making it simple for you to answer your questions and get on with your day.
  • Support Cases – Through the portal, clients are able to submit support cases, view the status of cases, and see the history of previous cases. This is also a great place to interact with your support team.
  • Product Documentation – Find user manuals, release notes, system requirements, and more.
  • Incident Reports (IRs) – The IR section allows users to view IRs submitted by themselves, or by MRI. Users now have the ability to view the status of IRs in real with estimated fix times.
  • Product Ideas – Help make our software better by sharing your ideas with our product management team. Users can submit their own enhancement requests or vote on other ideas submitted by the community.

MRI’s client portal aims to provide clients with the support they need to leverage their MRI solutions in a way that best suits their business. If any client has questions, they’re also free to contact the support team for additional assistance.

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