Resident Screening

ResidentCheck enables property owners to maximize financial performance and reduce delinquencies

MRI Software’s ResidentCheck service offers a configurable, property-level resident screening approach that allows real estate owners and operators to maximize financial performance and minimize risk. The flexible, comprehensive resident screening software uses a proprietary AccuScore analytical model to identify applicant risk based on housing-specific criteria, unlike competitive solutions that rely solely on the more generalized FICO score. The AccuScore model relies on multiple data points that can more accurately predict housing and residential rental performance and risk. With its team of highly trained, in-house Criminal Research Provider Professionals, certified by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, MRI ResidentCheck offers more accurate criminal and eviction results.
MRI ResidentCheck is available as an integrated offering within MRI Residential Management, Prospect Connect, Affordable Housing Bostonpost, MRI Public Housing solutions, as well as third-party property management solutions.


Fewer collections and evictions

Accurate resident screening services can reduce delinquency rates and decrease skips, collections, and evictions.

Certified on-staff investigators

A team of in-house Criminal Research Provider professionals conducts most criminal background checks in real time, reducing leasing friction by drastically minimizing false-positive results.

All housing types

Screening processes can be tailored for all housing types, including conventional, affordable, public, student, military, and senior housing.

Drill-down reporting

Define role-based reporting views for management and property-level staff, and use drill-down capabilities to evaluate individual or property-level screening results.


  • Improve visibility into applicant screening criteria at the management level.

  • Maximize financial performance through reduced delinquency rates.

  • Decrease property-level collections and eviction proceedings.

  • Tailored models for all housing types including conventional, affordable, public, student, military and senior housing.

  • Efficiently manage screening criteria at the individual property level.

  • Ensure application accuracy to eliminate screenings oversight.

Resident Screening

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