Transform your property inspections process

Your rental operations just got smarter with MRI Inspections, Powered by HappyCo. Property operators can optimize the inspections process across multiple properties while remotely monitoring operations in real time. Inspections provides real-time intelligence to reduce costs, optimize turn, and drive quality assurance across your portfolio. Through integration with MRI Residential Management, property operators can increase the collection of damage costs, reduce resident disputes, and save thousands of hours of staff time.


Automatic inspections scheduling

Move-in, move-out, and transfer inspections are automatically scheduled with customizable forms to suit your organization’s needs.

Rock-solid documentation

Take photos, record comments and mark ratings on each inspection. Capture digital signatures and protect against legal disputes.

Work offline

100% offline inspections with online sync and automatic backup on native mobile iOS and Android apps.

Aggregate and share

Bring everything together by aggregating and sharing the data you collect across the portfolio.



  • Save time and reduce errors through automatic inspections scheduling via MRI Residential Management integration.

  • Improve operations and increase ROI with fewer resident disputes, faster response times, and improved labor efficiencies.

  • Protect against legal disputes with rock solid documentation, including photos and digital signatures.

  • Gain 360 degree visibility into operations with real-time access to inspections and reports.

  • Work offline with 100% offline inspections capabilities such as online sync and automatic backup.

  • Customize forms to suit your organization’s workflows and floorplans.


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