Property management and ad tracking

Utilize ad source tracking with unique phone numbers across advertisements for clear tracking.

Automated call returns

Automate your lead follow-up process and track daily calls.

Reporting and analytics

Focus advertising efforts by measuring ad source effectiveness.

Recorded conversations

Increase staff effectiveness with training based on reviews of recorded resident and prospect calls.

Measure marketing campaign effectiveness with property management ad tracking.

MRI Software’s Callmax Ad Tracking software provides a customizable, engaging way to manage ads and reach prospective residents. Most communities advertise in a number of different areas to draw in new residents, which takes an investment of both time and budget. Ad Tracking ensures you are focusing advertising efforts effectively with easy reporting and analysis.


  • Increase ROI on marketing campaigns by easily analyzing advertising efforts.

  • Develop staff performance via training opportunities uncovered from recorded conversations.

  • Improve lead follow-up and close-ratios with automated call returns.

  • Perfect marketing budgeting using the clear analysis of marketing sources in detailed reporting.

  • Measure ad source effectiveness for easy budgeting and marketing improvements.

  • Track daily follow-up calls including recording of the conversation revealing possible training opportunities.

Watch the demo

Watch the demo video to see Callmax Ad Tracking in action


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