Lead Management

Simplify lead management and close more deals for your multifamily property

Capture and track all leads, optimize marketing spend, and maximize conversions from lead to lease with multifamily lead management software.

Each lead represents a real person or family looking for their new home. By treating your leads like people and responding quickly to inquiries, your multifamily property can simplify living for prospective renters and motivate them to sign a lease with your community instead of the competition.

Lead tracking tools make life easier for your staff as well. A streamlined multifamily lead management process will empower your leasing agents and marketing staff to win more deals, run targeted campaigns, and ensure all leads are tracked in a centralized system.


Real-time notifications

Get alerts for new leads and follow-ups, and engage prospects with two-way text and email communications from a single tool.

Powerful lead tracking

Track every interaction with prospective renters, including emails, calls, texts, walk-ins, tours, and visits.

Performance reporting

Access a variety of reports to understand and measure marketing ROI, agent performance, response time, and other trends.

End-to-end integration

Integrate with MRI Residential Management to ensure a streamlined flow of information, from first point of contact all the way to the move-in.


Lead Management Software
  • Schedule followup tasks, appointments and automated reminders, and view everything from a calendar and dashboard.

  • Track every interaction, including emails, calls, texts, walk-ins, tours, and visits.

  • Visualize leasing performance KPIs, marketing ROI and at-risk activity such as unprocessed phone calls.

  • Send personalized one-to-one communications or develop a filtered list of leads to send a mass communication.

  • Access complete contact details, preferences, notes, status, referral source, historical communications and more from a single guest card.

  • Gain insight into marketing ROI, agent performance, response time, and other trends.

  • Engage in two-way text and email communications with customized templates from a single tool.

  • Integrate with the website contact form and allow leads to schedule an appointment based on the leasing agents' availability.

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