Improve efficiency, rebate potential and payment security

Real estate payments have been reliant on checks and manual processes for far too long. With Bottomline Paymode-X, there’s a better way forward, one that improves your efficiency, rebate potential and payment security while eliminating tedious work and paper.

Paymode-X helps real estate companies like yours make fast, secure digital payments while improving core KPIs by over 50%. Businesses using Paymode-X to pay vendors have digitized their manual AP processes to automate workflows, accelerate approvals, and securely make all payment types (virtual card, ACH, check, and B2C) using a single solution. Best of all, Bottomline Paymode-X seamlessly integrates with MRI to ensure zero disruption and 100% improvement to your current processes.

Typically, 50% of a real estate organization’s vendors are already using Paymode-X, and Bottomline will recruit and onboard more of your vendors for you. Choose simplicity and security instead of complexity and fraud risk by converting your legacy payment processes with our solution.

Results that speak for themselves

Digitize AP Payments with Paymode-X


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