The CT Group succeeds with MRI’s Affordable Housing solution

The CT Group (CTG) provides quality asset and property management services for owners of affordable/moderate income rental housing, as well as long term management contracts for both conventionally financed and subsidized housing.

With a wide-ranging set of clients such as industry investors, syndicators, and housing authorities, CTG requires a comprehensive affordable housing solution that fits their business needs and helps them cater to a diverse list of clients. CTG has found their go-to provider in MRI Software — leveraging the flexibility of affordable housing investment solutions, financials, resident communication, and affordable housing property management software to best suit their needs.

Leveraging the power of MRI Financials and Affordable Housing

As it currently stands, CTG oversees approximately 7,600 units of affordable housing. For around 10 years, the company has been using Affordable Housing Bostonpost and MRI Financials to manage their affordable housing properties. With MRI’s flexible solutions, CTG was able to process tax credit reporting. They also had the ability to mine tenant data and rebuild monthly processes to make sense from a property point of view.

CTG worked with MRI’s team in order to establish new General Ledger capabilities and map out their financials in the exact way they wanted. As their needs evolved and grew, CTG also found they had new requirements that called for software features they initially did not think they’d need. With many other software solutions, this newly found need would have been a serious problem, but the flexibility of MRI’s platform was able to provide the features they needed and tailor them to their business.

Learn more about how CTG uses the power of MRI’s comprehensive and flexible solutions to work for their business.

Embracing MRI’s Automated Communications Suite

In addition to their traditional affordable housing needs, CTG also uses automated communications to keep in contact with their residents. Prior to MRI, CTG relied on a different provider, but customer service began declining. Fast. As a result, they implemented MRI’s Callmax solution.

Using these features, CTG’s contacts residents and sends regular email blasts. For CTG, Callmax is an easy-to-use solution that helps keep better track of communication through inbound and outbound call recording. This feature allows the company’s offices to record calls and caller information after hours when no one is in the physical office to take these calls. With call recording, they’re also empowered with accurate data when dealing with tenants, and instances of “I called you and you didn’t call me back” are dramatically reduced.

See how MRI’s Automated Communications Suite enabled CTG to increase operational efficiency.

Utilizing MRI Investment Central and detailed reporting

The CT Group doesn’t just use MRI’s software solutions for their property operations, however. They also use Investment Central to view detailed reporting across their portfolio. With a wide range of clients, CTG needed a solution that was flexible enough to meet the different needs of their clients. As an example, one client wanted to easily view pictures of properties and all the associated data across their entire portfolio. After combing through several providers who offered no such solutions, CTG began using MRI Investment Central, and they soon found that this product met the needs of their client.

Investment Central provided CTG with all the data they needed to then pass on to their client. MRI’s solution gave them the ability to view the pictures they wanted to see, but it went beyond recording simple data. Investment Central also gave CTG access to all the information their client needed as well as the extra data that filled in the big picture to provide a better view of their portfolio.

See how MRI provided CTG with the “big picture” of their data through Investment Central.

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