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The latest & greatest enhancements to MRI Evolution

What’s new in Version 6?

Achieve further efficiencies in your FM operations with the latest Version 6 release!

Stay ahead of change with the latest innovation in Facilities Management. Backed by significant R&D and client feedback, MRI Evolution Version 6 release will bring you a wide range of new capabilities, enabling you to run your FM operations even smoother!

Here are some of the additional benefits you can get with the Version 6 release:

  1. Property Management – Eliminate siloed data and create a single experience between systems through integration with MRI property management solutions.
  2. Guided Help – Drive greater value from your systems by enabling users with hints & tips and step-by-step tutorials.
  3. Asbestos Management – Keep building users safe and confidently manage asbestos processes with a new data import workflow for 3rd party systems.
  4. Messaging & Communication – Improve communication with customers and end-users through a user-friendly message tray.
  5. Stock Management – Utilise the latest enhancements to core Stock Management functionality including van stock management on mobile devices.
  6. Automated Service Contracts – Automatically set service contracts for new tasks created via Reach, GO Ad-hoc Tasks, Web Services and other 3rd party apps.

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