MRI Evolution - Everything you need to achieve your FM vision

Everything you need to achieve your FM vision

FM managers often face clunky, out-of-date systems, error prone spreadsheets, and the confusion of multiple email chains. Using various standalone systems results in contradictory data. It’s hard to understate the importance of a reliable and agile IWMS system; one that gives you full visibility of every stage of your FM operations and highlights issues at any level. However, visibility is more than just having all FM and property-related data at your disposal – it is about having it presented in a clear, digestible way, allowing you to make more informed decisions.


Have control and oversight over resources to stay efficient.

Manage asset lifecycles effectively to reduce costs and prevent SLA failure.

Stay compliant and ensure your vendors do too.

Benefit from a full audit trail with date stamped activities.

MRI Evolution gives you a platform to ensure your team has the right information at the right time

Concept Evolution

Improve team productivity

Improve productivity by allocating based on resource schedules, suitability, and proximity. Benefit from the automatic prioritisation of tasks. Communicate with engineers out in the field and provide real-time updates to your end customer to boost their satisfaction.

Concept Evolution

Avoid compliance risks

Automate compliance checks to ensure your FM operation adheres to best-practice and industry-standard or custom PPM schedules. Store your compliant vendor contacts in a centralised hub, along with their work permits and certifications.

Concept Evolution

Reduce unforeseen costs

MRI Evolution is always learning, using its data to inform the decision making process. Improve the performance and lifecycle of your assets by using industry-standard PPM schedules (e.g. SFG20) to minimise unforeseen costs and meet contractual responsibilities.

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Digital workforce apps to keep connected at all times

Connect with your mobile workforce through an integrated, configurable hub. Give access to all the necessary information and documentation to complete assignments quickly and efficiently, even when offline.  Furthermore, elevate your customer service by providing automatic, real-time updates throughout a task and ensure your contractor base is compliant, certified, and carrying out work safely. Apps are also available to manage of a vast range of services, including maintenance, cleaning, portering, and security.

customer engagement

Customer engagement apps to transform experiences

Easy-to-use apps help ensure that customers and tenants engage with facilities services and understand what’s going on in their buildings or communities. Organisations will benefit from end-to-end service management connecting the customer, facilities management, and engineers. Reservations and visitors can be managed across a facility, through self-service interaction or the back office event team.

MRI Evolution keeps you ahead of the curve

Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset Lifecycle Management

Easily create and mobilise accurate asset registers to manage vast amounts of data relevant to your properties and contracts. Track and manage facility assets throughout their lifecycle from purchase, operation and maintenance, to disposal and replacement. Maximise efficiency when dealing with large volumes of maintenance tasks and identify assets with hazards or warning alerts to help keep your buildings and everyone in them safe. Automatically and rapidly mobilise different maintenance regimes within buildings, depending on your facility requirements.


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Use MRI Evolution to show evidence of compliance for regulatory legislation and corporate responsibilities. Regulations, permit classes, checklists, and certificates can all be accessed at the touch of a button. Lock target SLAs, Tasks and PPM schedules to ensure they can’t be edited, cancelled, or dropped in priority.  Where important certificates are required, tasks will remain live until they’re marked as having the correct documentation. The compliance tool is as smart and self-regulating as you need it to be.



Use BIM data to streamline the process, from design and build to facilities management and building maintenance. Upload IFC files from your BIM tools into an interactive 3D model within MRI Evolution, allowing you to virtually navigate your building and pinpoint groups of assets and their connections based on search criteria.

The BIM module will create assets, buildings, and locations from the standard COBie template data. You can model and visualise the layout, connections, and maintenance requirements of your building with greater clarity. Spot potential issues immediately and make a lasting difference to the future of your facilities.

Contract Management

Contract Management

Meet your contractual obligations without a hitch, automate escalation of business-critical helpdesk calls, and alleviate penalties by addressing impending breaches before they immobilise your business. Experience a slick and powerful system and contract mobilisation capabilities.

Achieve comprehensive contract and supplier management and successfully organise your assets, with options to register assets, conduct surveys and create planned maintenance programmes.



Powerful data segregation

Powerful data segregation

From a single facility to a multi-site portfolio, one database covers your complete service provision.

MRI Evolution’s powerful data segregation capabilities ensure that individuals or teams see the data relevant to them, based on factors such as facility, contract, or region, and can be applied across multiple service lines and team structures.

Configuration and integrations

Configuration and integrations

Tailor dashboards and reports, user personalisation, system rules, communications, workflows and brand platforms for your end customers. System security management includes Accounts, Roles, Permissions and Self-Registration.

Integrate and orchestrate MRI Evolution with 3rd party software, systems, and devices, making them work harder than ever to ensure you don’t have to. Improve efficiency and productivity by integrating your system with SAP, Oracle Financials, Sage, Workplace Assist, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

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