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Seaboard Energy: Keeping a high risk & security site safe & secure was vital


Seaboard Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Seaboard Foods, is dedicated to finding alternative energy sources from and for the Seaboard Foods integrated system.

Seaboard Energy operates a biodiesel plant, which uses animal fats, including pork fat from the Seaboard Foods’ pork processing plant, and vegetable oils as the feedstock for biodiesel.

Visitor, Contractor, and Employee management

Seaboard Energy produces high quality energy while supporting sustainable alternative fuels. Due to the nature of their business they needed to find a robust way to not only keep their site but their employees, visitors and contractors safe and secure.

We had limited tracking, rolling out MRI OnLocation was like going from 1910 – 2017, overnight.

Seaboard Energy Management

Key challenges

Seaboard Energy is a high security and risk site. They faced a number of challenges when it came to managing the safety and security of the site. They needed robust recording of employees, contractors and visitors movements. They were using an outdated paper-based form which was hard to follow, often not used and lacked any evidence-based reporting to support the reconciliation of contractor invoicing.

With the opening of the new plant, Seaboard Energy engaged an experienced Health & Safety expert. As part of the work the Health & Safety expert undertook, it was identified they were exposed with the inability to account for the safety and security of employees, visitors and contractors on-site.

The Health & Safety expert made recommendations to Seaboard Energy on more powerful and robust ways to manage the safety and security of their employees, visitors and contractors. A key recommend was to implement a system to manage, monitor and account for the safety and security of employees, visitors and contractors on-site.

The MRI OnLocation Solution

Seaboard Energy researched and trialled several solutions to replace their manual system. They decided on MRI OnLocation because it:

  • Was easy to implement
  • Provided exceptional customer service (even during a free trial)

The rollout of MRI OnLocation went smoothly, but like any major change in process or technology it takes time to get people onboard with the new technology and way of doing things.

Since rolling out MRI OnLocation, Seaboard Energy has experienced a 10 fold gain in efficiency, particularly around the accountability and time tracking from contractors and reporting. The ability to report on contractor time on-site is invaluable. To date they haven’t seen a reduction in cost, but can foresee this happening in the future as they have so many features to use to achieve more efficiencies.

A big factor for us was the support we received online and through the training we received.

Seaboard Energy Management

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