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Gold Coast Private Hospital: The ease of contractor management


Healthscope is a leading private healthcare provider with 45 hospitals and 48 medical centres across Australia.

They are also the market leading international pathology operation across New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. They have a team of over 18,000 employees operating 24/7, 365 days a year providing quality care and positive clinical outcomes of their patients.

Visitor management

Healthscope is a private healthcare provider in Australia. They use MRI OnLocation at two facilities in Brisbane, Australia: the Gold Coast Private Hospital (GCPH) and Tweed Day Surgery.

As hospitals, they are very reliant on a large and varied contractor base to keep the facilities operating 24/7, 365 days a year. GCPH were attracted to MRI OnLocation and its contractor management application to remove the manual and time consuming management processes.

Using MRI OnLocation has saved me at least 4 hours a day, the ROI speaks for itself.

Shanyn Fox, Facility Contract Coordinator

Key challenges

GCPH & Tweed Day Surgery have a large number of contractors coming in and out of their facilities on a daily basis, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

They were using a manual spreadsheet system, which brought a multitude of challenges, they were finding it hard and inflexible to:

  • Track the expiry and renewal of contractor insurance and licences.
  • Lack of proof to challenge contractor invoices.

Monitor contractors who weren’t consistently signing in and out or completing inductions.

GCPH were adequately managing contractors but they wanted to find a reliable cloud-based application to free up resources so they could focus on their day to day role and ensure accurate tracking and records.

I really like that the product is evolving, it’s not the type of product where you get an update every few years

Shanyn Fox, Facility Contract Coordinator

The MRI OnLocation Solution

GCPH looked at a couple of solutions to manage contractors. They settled on MRI OnLocation because the application provides:

  • Value for money. When compared to other software its very well priced.
  • No monthly support cost, it’s all included in the annual fee.
  • Frequent releases, product development and enhancements.
  • Offered safety and security for our sites and for our contractors.
  • Ability to set and forget, giving peace of mind that triggers will alert to non-compliance, non-registered contractors on-site and when an induction or insurance needs to be renewed.

The biggest benefit of implementing MRI OnLocation is that they have gained an efficiency in employee time of 25 hours per week.

GCPH found contractors enjoy using MRI OnLocation. With the old paper based system, extra time was spent on-site completing paperwork. They now send the induction to the contractor prior to coming onsite as most have smartphones and can complete it before site arrival. It’s a win-win for both HealthScope and its contractors.

One of the added benefits is correct invoicing from contractors as we can now see how long they were on-site and pick up any discrepancies. It’s another way we are saving money

 – Shanyn Fox, Facility Contract Coordinator

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